The 6 Best Tempered Glass PC Case

best tempered glass pc cases

While talking about pc cases, we usually find out that the top-grade pc case is the best tempered glass PC Case. It will not be wrong to say that almost all medium to high-priced pc cases is integrated with tempered glass panels. 

A tempered glass pc case is outstanding in durability and style. It differs from ordinary glass in its strength and is very resistant to scratch and impacts. It also allows you to view the inside of your PC components. That is the reason why high-quality screen protectors and pc cases are designed with it. 

We have searched for the 6 best tempered glass pc cases for you so that in case you want to purchase the suitable one for yourself, you select wisely.

  1. Best In Win tempered glass pc case: In Win 805
  2. Corsair Mid Tower Tempered Glass: Corsair Carbide 175R RGB
  3. ATX Tempered glass Case: Corsair 4000
  4. Budget Tempered Glass: Cougar MX330
  5. Corsair ATX Case: Corsair 570X
  6. Honorary Mentions: Corsair Obsidian Series 500D

Tempered Glass PC Case At a Glance

Tempered Glass CaseMain Features
Best Of The Rest <strong>In Win 805</strong>
Best Of The Rest

In Win 805

  • Air And Water Cooling Support
  • 8 Expansion Slots
  • 4 USB Ports
Mid TOWER <strong>Corsair 175R RGB</strong>

Corsair 175R RGB

  • Six Customizable RGB LEDs
  • Compatible With ATX, Mini ITX, Micro ATX
ATX Case <strong>Corsair 4000</strong>
ATX Case

Corsair 4000

  • Mid Tower ATX Case
Budget Case <strong>Cougar MX330</strong>
Budget Case

Cougar MX330

  • 2×2.5” SSD and 2×3.5” HDD drive bays
  • Support Graphics Card Up to 350mm
Corsair 570X <strong>Corsair 570X</strong>
Corsair 570X

Corsair 570X

  • Direct airflow cooling, PSU and Drive covers
  • ATX Mid Tower PC Case
Honory Mentions <strong>Obsidian Series 500D</strong>
Honory Mentions

Obsidian Series 500D

  • Solid Aluminum Top Plate and Door Handles
  • Corsair ICUE
  • Direct Airflow Cooling

Best Tempered Glass PC Case – Reviews 2021

Best In Win Tempered Glass PC Case

in Win 805 Tempered Glass

In Win 805

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Steel, Anodized Aluminum, and Tempered Glass
  • Item Weight: 7 Kg
  • Item Dimensions: 46 x 21 x 48 centimeters
  • USB Ports: 2 X 2.0 USB Ports, USB 3.1 Type C

Emerging as the best Inwin infinity case, Inwin 805 is integrated with a crystal clear layout of aluminum and tempered glass, offering a range and spacious interior for versatile mounting positions for amazing flexibility. 

Featuring an innovative design, this infinity mirror pc case offers the best design of visual aesthetics that will boost your gaming performance with capacity for ATX, micro ATX, and mini ITX motherboards. 

Despite the compact size, this Inwin 805 infinity mirror computer case is excellent in cooling. It integrates both air and water cooling support. The water cooling support offers a great thermal control lowers the temperature of your PC’s processor and other components by dissipating the heat and making the overall functionality and performance of Inwin 805 infinity quieter. 

The 805 infinity is very flexible in provision of expansion slots. There are up to 8 expansion slots that enable the gaming enthusiasts to insert the video card or other expansion card and boost the performance. That is why Inwin 805 is the best tempered glass gaming pc case. 

There is a small removable hard drive case that is placed on the floor in the location of one of the bottom fans which can support 2 x 3.5-inch drives and 1 x 2.5-inch drive. On the rear is 3 more mounts for 2.5-inch drives  This tempered glass gaming case also offers a wide range of connectivity, including at the front the latest USB 3.1 Type-C connector in addition to USB 3.0 and 2.0 and 3.5mm HD audio jacks.


  • Tempered glass design 
  • Air and water cooling support 
  • Extensive connectivity 
  • Number of expansion slots 
  • Spacious interior


  • Not recommended for a hardcore overclocker 
  • Expensive in price

Corsair Mid Tower Tempered Glass

Corsair Carbide 175R RGB

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Tempered Glass
  • Item Weight: 6100g
  • Item Dimensions: 41.8 x 21 x 45 centimeters
  • USB Ports: 2

The Carbide Series 175R RGB is a mid-tower ATX case with a clean streamlined design accented by an included RGB cooling fan. The Corsair Carbide 175R tempered glass displays your PC’s interior with an edge-to-edge tempered glass side panel design while hiding your messy cables and PSU with a full length PSU cover. 

This RGB tempered glass pc case has enhanced cooling support. It has a mounting capacity for 6x120mm or 4x140mm cooling fans and can accommodate multiple radiators in size up to 360mm. Moreover, it features an RGB fan with six customizable RGB LEDs. Just connect the included RGB fan to compatible Asus, Gigabyte, or MSI motherboards and their accompanying software for customized lighting control. Removable dust filters in the floor, roof, and front help keep your system clean long after the build is finished.

The storage supports up to four drives for the storage options you need i.e, two 2.5in trays and two combos 3.5in/ 2.5in trays in a removable cage. This tempered glass mid tower case is high in demand by the gamers due to the flashing RGB effects and outstanding cooling support that will not let the pc heat up even in hardcore overclocking.


  • Good quality and aesthetic look 
  • Customizable RGB LEDs
  • Fully transparent window panel 
  • Full length PSU cover 
  • Good cable management 
  • Enhanced cooling 
  • Good storage 
  • Removable dust filters


  • Should have an HDD storage

ATX Tempered glass Case

Corsair 4000

  • Color: Black
  • Material:  Tempered Glass
  • Item Weight: 7.8 Kg
  • Item Dimensions: 45.3 x 23 x 46.6 centimetres
  • USB Ports: 2

The Corsair 4000D is a splendid yet minimalist mid-tower ATX case with easy cable management and exceptional cooling. 

Considering the cooling design of this tempered glass atx case, it consists of 6x120mm fans and 4x140mm fans that push the warm air out of the pc case keeping the interior cool. The cooling is further aggravated by the radiators in sizes up to 360mm. 

Thus, for anyone from a casual computer user to a gaming freak, this pc case with tempered glass offers dedicated ventilation channels combined to offer great looks and airflow, accompanied by two included 120 mm AirGuide fans designed with anti-vortex vanes that enhance cooling. 

The Corsair tempered glass pc case has a spacious interior with flexible space for mounting four storage drives i.e, 2×2.5 inch SSDs and 2×3.5 inch HDDs. The 7 main and two vertical expansion slots enable the gamers to expand their gaming experience probably with a high-performance graphics card. The vertical expansion slot looks great and is unlimiting the passage of airflow.

The Corsair RapidRoute cable management system makes it effortless to route major cables through a single channel, with 25 mm of routing depth


  • Tempered glass design 
  • Aesthetic look 
  • Sufficient storage 
  • Excellent cooling 
  • Features dust filters 
  • Offers storage drives 
  • Good cable management


  • The design is a bit hard to manage

Budget Tempered Glass

Cougar MX330

  • Color: Black
  • Material:  Tempered Glass
  • Item Weight: 14.3 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 16.8 x 7 x 18.6 inches
  • USB Ports: USB3.0 x 2, USB2.0 x 2 ,Mic x 1, Audio x 1

If you are looking for a tempered glass pc case affordable than Phanteks enthoo evolv itx tempered glass, then you should consider Cougar MX330. Despite an affordable price tag, you can get the exclusive features along with this tempered glass pc case. 

Considering the features of the micro atx mid tower case, MX330-G features a tempered glass transparent window that will allow you to see all your pc components in action and enjoy any lighting you have customized in your build. This is the real window case worth exhibiting. 

The Cougar MX330 has an outstanding cooling system and sufficient space for storage drives. It allows you to mount up to 5 fans and a 240mm water cooling radiator that will prevent your pc from overheating. 

The spacious interior has the capacity to accommodate full size graphics cards, and drive bays of 2.5”x2 SSD and 3.5”x2 HDD. The 7 PCI slots and support for up to 350mm long graphics cards allow you to install all the horsepower you need to run including 4K/60fps gaming as well. 

For those who are very much concerned about cable management, this is the pc case designed for good cable management. It features the PSU covers and the 3.5” drive bay to hide the cables behind them, improving the internal airflow and giving an overall neat look with an unobstructed view of the pc components. This is the best tempered glass gaming case for gamers who want to go for a budget pick.

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  • Tempered glass design 
  • Sleek design 
  • Great button placement 
  • Spacious interior 
  • Great expandability 
  • Efficient cooling 
  • Cleanable dust filters 
  • Good cable management 
  • Affordable in price


  • Screws may be too small for mounting fans/AIO in the inner front panel of the case

Corsair ATX Case

Corsair 570X

  • Color: Red
  • Material:  Tempered Glass
  • Item Weight: 22.93 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 18.9 x 9.21 x 20.16 inches
  • USB Ports: 2

Beautiful yet simple design, Corsair 570X has a spacious interior that can house a full ATX motherboard and multiple GPUs. 

Considering the layout of the Corsair 570X, it is integrated with four-sided tempered glass panels on the front, top, and side of the pc case. This immaculate tempered glass enclosed entire chassis displays every component of your build for you to view. 

This tempered glass mid tower pc case offers an enhanced liquid cooling support. The Corsair Crystal Series 570X provides enough space for virtually every size radiator and support for up to six case fans. In addition, there are three RGB fans included that can be customized in multiple colors to get the aesthetic treat of your pc case. 

This white tempered glass pc case has enough mounting space to accommodate PSU shrouds and enough drive bays.

Cable management is made simple with built-in cable routing channels and included Velcro cable straps, ensuring that only your components are seen through the floating glass.

Although the airflow is good enough, we will suggest installing an extra exhaust fan or moving one of the RGB fans to the back to attain maximum cooling.


  • 4 sided tempered glass panels 
  • Direct airflow cooling technology 
  • RGB lighting 
  • Spacious interior 
  • Good cable management 
  • All-steel exterior 
  • Liquid cooling support


  • Heavy in weight with all the glass 
Honorable Mentions

Corsair Obsidian Series 500D

Color: Smoked with Aluminum trim

Tempered Glass and Aluminum

Item Weight:
25.8 Pounds

Item Dimensions:
19.69 x 9.33 x 19.96 inches

USB Ports:
USB 3.1 Type C Port

The Obsidian Series 500D RGB SE is a premium mid-tower enthusiast PC case with an iconic CORSAIR design, smoked tempered glass panels and premium aluminum trim, and dazzling RGB lighting. 

First of all, we talk about the Corsair ICUE software. The Corsair ICUE is such a wonderful software that enables you to control, manage and customize your pc components along with the external gaming gadgets. You can inculcate reactive lighting in your game and customize and sync RGB LED Lighting while controlling the fans and pump speed. This feature is almost justifiable for its price tag. 

Considering the cooling and fan support, Corsair Obsidian 500D tempered mid tower can hold up to 5x120mm fans or 4x140mm fans while fan mounting can easily be done with removable trays. The cooling upgrades are made further easy and simple with the help of removable radiator trays. Radiators of 240mm, 280mm and 360mm can easily be accommodated. 

Talking about the price tag, the Corsair Obsidian 500D tempered mid tower holds a price tag that many of us will not go for. This is because there are so many affordable high-grade tempered glass pc cases in the market to meet our requirements. However, Corsair Obsidian 500D does hold some top-notch specs to justify the price.


  • Tempered glass for pc components display 
  • Hinged tempered glass side doors 
  • Door handles 
  • RGB lighting 
  • Corsair ICUE lighting and fan control 
  • Sturdy build 
  • Better airflow design channels 
  • USB 3.1 Type C connectivity


  • Expensive in price

Tempered Glass PC Case – FAQs

How to make an infinity mirror PC Case?

Infinity mirror can be sliced into any size you require for your pc case. Now apply some glue to a glass or plastic and place this infinity mirror onto it. With the help of an ordinary film kit, you can install it easily and trim the edges around to give a finer look.

Infinity mirror instructions:
An infinity mirror is an optical illusion that is mostly used for fun and entertainment. It is designed in a shadowbox frame with a mirror in the rear end, and a partially reflective mirror on the front side. Thus the two mirrors create an illusion that the light trails in an infinity. The following are the infinity mirror instructions:

1. Set up a frame and a glass 
2. Buy around 1-inch shadow box frame 
3. Disassemble the frame to remove the glass
4. Take 80% reflective film and cut it according to the size of the glass
5. Clean the glass with a microfiber cloth 
6. Peel and spray soapy water over the film 
7. Let the film dry for about 2 hours, then insert the glass back into it. 
8. Now place the mirror and lights 
9. Adjust the LED wires and ropes on the inside 
10. Place the mirror in the shadowbox frame 
11. Now, fold the metal tabs and finely close the shadowbox

How to clean a tempered glass pc case?

The best way to clean a tempered glass pc case is with daily used dish soap. Mix it with an equivalent amount of water and dilute it to make it less abrasive and strong.

How to engrave a tempered glass pc case?

You can engrave a tempered glass pc case with the help of a laser. But there might be a problem as tempered glass has already gone through a heating process. So the outer surface will be stronger making the inner layers tensed and vulnerable to engraving.

What is a tempered glass?

Tempered glass is glass that has been undergone a process of excessive heating to make it stronger and stylish. Tempered glass is stronger, in fact, 4 to 5 times as compared to ordinary annealed glass.

Final Words On Best Tempered Glass PC Case

After an explicit analysis of the best tempered glass pc cases, we aren’t sure till now which pc case will be the top preference for you as everyone’s needs and intentions are different. What we recommend the best glass tempered case may not be according to your intentions of use. 

The one I will recommend for you on the basis of the features, aesthetics, cooling support, and extensibility is the Inwin 805 Infinity. However, this can be heavy on your retrained budget. 

Cougar MX330 is the best tempered glass gaming pc case that will make you spend a little and get the most out of it. 

Corsair tempered glass pc cases also offer impressive cooling and a wide range of connectivity. 

Thus, you can select whichever tempered glass pc case fits perfectly in your budget plan and usability.