The 13 Top Best Smallest ATX PC Cases In 2021

Best Smallest ATX PC Cases

Not everyone likes a fancy setup or wants to spend a huge amount on large desktops. Besides, getting the new PC case is always a demanding task with many considerations, such as you want something stylish or functional? Which size is suitable for you as many like towers, but many also prefer compact and space-saving cases.

If you have set up your eyes on an ATX motherboard and searching for a compact computer case that supports ATX motherboards, then you have landed in the right place.
The trend of smaller PCs is at its peak these days, and the smallest ATX pc cases are a new trend. To help you out, our experts curated this comprehensive guide that covers all about the best smallest ATX cases in 2021. Let’s get started.

Smallest ATX Case: Critical Considerations

  • Supported Mother Board

This is a no-brainer. Ensure that your new ATX casing supports your motherboard. Similarly, you must check its compatibility with the board. Both must perform well when combined.

  • Build Components

If you have already planned which components you will place inside your casing, you must pick the one that can comfortably house those components. Here we will recommend obtaining exact measurements of your components and match them with the case’s dimensions. Similarly, you need to check the compatibility of the components before finalizing the new small ATX case.

  • Case Build Quality

We all love beautiful cases, but your new ATX casing should be highly durable and capable enough to protect your components from various threats. Durability matters a lot, especially when you often carry your PC around. You need to check many aspects, such as inner compartment’s quality, side panel’s material, casing’s feet, and front panel’s materials. A durable case protects the whole machine, not any single component. So, consider the durability when buying the next ATX computer casing.

  • Airflow

Airflow is vital for any machine because if your machine or component heats up, it can get damaged or reduce its working life. Therefore, you need to pay importance and close attention to the PC’s airflow. We will advise you to pick the case that has enough cooling options or comes with multiple cooling fans. Similarly, vents are also crucial in this regard and help in the consistent flow of air.

  • Dust Filters

Those users who live in a dusty environment must consider a case that features an efficient dust prevention system that prevents dust and other similar elements. Luckily, almost all the latest ATX pc cases come with pre-installed dust filters that do a reliable job and prevent dust accumulation inside the case.

  • Cable Management

This is something that you must pay attention to if you are designing a case for the first time. Cable management allows you to keep your inner free of wiring hassles. Most small ATX cases today feature cut-outs and cable ties that make the task more organized and clean. When customization the case, bunch up all the cables, especially unused ones. Similarly, we will advise you to place unused cables away from the motherboard and fans.

  • Cooling System

Another factor that craves your utmost attention is the cooling mechanism of your new small ATX casing. The first critical thing to do here is to decide which mechanism to go for. You need to decide between air cooling or liquid cooling. While most experts recommend liquid cooling for optimal performance, it is also expensive, and not all systems support it.

  • Best By Budget

Small ATX cases come in different price ranges. The case’s price varies as per designs, colors, and features. Further, you must know how much you can spend on the purchase. This will help you narrow down the choices. However, don’t compromise the necessary features for price as no one likes to replace a PC case often.

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Reviews Of Smallest ATX PC Cases in 2021

Top Pick

The Overall Best small ATX Case for OverClockers

CoolerMaster HAF XB EVO

  • Dimensions: 16.69 x 17.39 x 13 inches
  • Tempered Glass: No
  • Build Quality: Steel, Polymer,
  • Motherboard Support: ATX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: up to 334 millimeter long
  • Max Cooler Height: up to 180 millimeter
  • Cooling Fans Support: two 120mm XtraFlo front fans.
  • Additional Features: 2x USB 3.0 Ports, 1x Microphone In, 1x Audio Out
  • Radiator Options: 240-millimeter radiator

Bottom Line: The CoolerMaster small ATX PC case looks great, and you have a sufficient amount of space to customize it in the right way. The pre-installed fans perform well while remaining silent and keeps things cool inside the pc. The unique design combined with its features makes it one of the best on the market. As per experts, this is also one of the best cube cases on the market that you can use for LAN party trolling or touring.

Featuring a unique LAN Box Shape, this CoolerMaster HAF XB is the best smallest ATX case on our list. Despite its small size, the case supports ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX boards. Further, it offers excellent cooling capabilities to deliver the desired results regardless of usage.

Furthermore, the small computer case also features enough space for GPUs that are 13.5 inches long. Besides, you can fit four 3.5” and 5.25” devices comfortably in it. Moreover, it comes with two 120mm pre-installed fans, or you can install a 240mm radiator for great cooling inside the case.
The case is supremely easy to move and transport, is virtually immune to tipping over, and because the heat-generating components sit on the bottom, hot air naturally rises and easily exits through the top of the case. Motherboard’s installation is also hassle-free, and it comes with a removable tray that allows you to fit or remove the Motherboard quickly.

The inner is spacious and thoughtfully designed. Heat levels remain adequate while consistent airflow keeps other components cool and calm. The XB EVO’s heat-dissipating is much quicker than the others.

The case’s built quality is reliable, and the plastic stabs on its front panel are not cheap, as you will see in other cases. Due to its lightweight design, the case is ideal for LAN gamers and simple to carry. One drawback that we noticed, in this case, is that its dust filters are difficult to remove. To access them, you’ll have to remove the fans first and drive bays. This makes regular maintenance lengthy and somewhat annoying.

Overall, the case performs well for its price and has all the features you will need in your build.


  • Excellent air movement.
  • The MB tray is removable.
  • Supports cooling radiator


  • Handles are weak
Runner Up

Runner Up Small Mid Tower ATX PC Case

Lian Li PC-O11

  • Dimensions: 272.0 x 445.0 x 446.0 mm.
  • Tempered Glass: Yes
  • Build Quality: Tempered Glass and Aluminum
  • Motherboard Support: EATX, ATX, Micro-ATX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 159 mm
  • Max Cooler Height: 155 mm
  • Cooling Fans Support: 8 * 120mm Fans.
  • Additional Features: 2x 3.5″ HDD, 4x 2.5″ SSD
  • Radiator Options: 120x 360mm

Bottom Line: This 011D by Lian is an excellent pc case that everyone can use for various purposes. The First thing that we loved about this chassis is that it is well-designed and allows you to show off your build in an exciting way to others. However, it will test your cable management skills to their best. Other than that, the case is ideal for all. It also has a unique cooling layout, and with adequate lighting, it really catches the attention.

Similarly, you don’t need too many colors to showcase as the white backdrop looks awesome with all colors. Just be cautious with cable management as every nook and cranny will be visible when lights are on; therefore, careful planning and routing are needed.

Looking for a top-tier pc case that lasts for years? Look no further, this Lian Li PC-O11D offers excellent flexibility and capacity in this small ATX computer case, and that allows you to customize this compact build on your terms.

The airflow is high throughout the case, while the dust management is also up to the mark. The removable dust filters are simple and quick to clean. The case is far better than the others, especially when you consider its price. In terms of build quality, the heavy-duty aluminum does a wonderful job and makes it one of the sturdiest out there.

In terms of cooling, the 011 Dynamic supports two 360 radiators in both the top and sides with three RGB fans. If you plan to use it with a micro ATX mobo, the bottom intakes are ideal for the radiator. And if you go with other options like EATX, ATX or others, the bottom intakes are best for fresh air intake.

The case can comfortably accommodate a full-sized motherboard, while you also have plenty of options to upgrade it in the future. It has lots of inner space; a low-slung Mobo mount offers ample room for optimum water and fan cooling and allows you to use large components into the case with ease.

We also liked its two-chamber design, and you have tons of space for the PSU, wires, and other accessories.

If you were looking for a reliable small gaming pc case, this Lian Li O11D is a great choice for your next gaming build. It has plenty of cooling options, and it also supports AIO coolers. The tempered glasses look awesome that every gamer will love.

Despite its small and compact dimension, the case holds all components comfortably. If you have adequate cable management skills, this is the best small gaming pc case you use with RGB lightning.

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  • Plenty of cooling support
  • Allows for customized liquid cooling
  • Supports USB Type C


  • A bit pricey

Best Case for Airflow

Corsair Air 540

  • Dimensions: 16.29 x 13.0 x 18.1 inches
  • Tempered Glass: No
  • Build Quality: Steel
  • Motherboard Support: ATX, Micro ATX, E-ATX, and Mini ITX.
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 12.59 inch
  • Max Cooler Height: 170 mm
  • Cooling Fans Support: 6 * 120mm fans.
  • Additional Features: 2 x Combo 3.5inch/2.5 inch Bays
  • Radiator Options: 360mm radiator

Bottom Line: Corsair’s line-up is full of great computer components, including PC cases. Likewise, this Corsair Air 540 features an amazing look, and its black and white contrast looks stunning. Further, it comes with a large panel which allows for quick monitoring and nicely displays inner components. You will also love its double compartment design that provides a seamless routing of cables and also provides a dedicated place to set up PSU and drives.

The Corsair Air 540 is by far the best ATX case in all aspects. The cable management is extremely straightforward, while you have many access points for smooth cabling between its sub-compartments. Airflow is top-notch, and you will love to see how drastically it reduces the temperatures. During testing, motherboard chipset and VRM temps reduced by up to 8 C. Plus; it has lots of space to play with inside the case.

You will love its two compartments. The MOBO sides are clean and good-looking. The case also supports AIO coolers, and you can place a 240mm AIO radiator on the top. This Corsair case affords all PC components that need high airflow.

The case’s other side is designated for your optical drives, SSDs, and PSU. For other miscellaneous items, you have so much room to hide them efficiently.

Furthermore, the front and top grills are easy to remove and clean. You will love its feel. The exterior includes a mix of plastic and steel but feels like rubber. We loved the low profile look of this cube pc case.

Moreover, the case’s price is reasonable and offers high returns. It is a lot more sturdier than the others. Corsair’s Air 540 can easily accommodate all the high-end components without any issue. The functionality is also superb while customizing it is actually fun.

The case also features tool-free PCI-E and storage drive installations. You can quickly fit two internal hot-swap drive bays, along with additional features for making, assembling, and upgrades.

This case comes with AF140L 140mm fans. As per makers, they are designed for maximum airflow while maintaining low noise levels. But during testing, we noticed that the fans are not entirely silent, which is the only drawback of this case. Besides, the case also supports 240mm and 360mm cooling fans at various locations for optimal airflow.

Overall, it feels and looks great, not like cheap plastic ATX cases, and the window panel is just huge! Everything about the Air540 pc case, right from screws to front panel, feels of high quality and serve you for years!


  • Dust Filter and Case Fans Included
  • Support for Liquid Cooling Systems
  • The best ATX cube pc case on the market


  • Fans are noisy

Best ATX Case for Excellent Cooling

Silverstone Black GD09B

  • Dimensions: 22 x 11 x 18 inches
  • Tempered Glass: No
  • Build Quality: Aluminum
  • Motherboard Support: ATX motherboards
  • Max Graphic Card Length: up to 12.2 inches
  • Max Cooler Height: 138mm
  • Cooling Fans Support: 3 * 120mm fans
  • Additional Features: Eight expansion slots.

Bottom Line: The best feature of this small ATX computer case is that it allows for several upgrades, given that it supports a standard ATX power supply, full-sized ATX motherboards, and large GPUs. In this price range, it hard to find a better HTPC casing. You can also place 4K cooling components inside the case, and its sturdy PC fans will keep them cool to deliver a smooth experience.

Looking for a small ATX computer case? The Silverstone brings a whole new design in this GD09. Like other SilverStone pc cases, the build quality of this case is also fantastic. Furthermore, you can use it as a standard HTPC case or as your primary PC case.

The frame and sides are all metal, while the front features a faux brushed aluminum plastic panel. All these combine together to build a beautiful, minimalist ATX pc case. The case can easily accommodate full-size ATX motherboards along with a short aftermarket CPU cooler.

The unit’s compact design offers attractive advantages, and you can place it in a small place. The unit also offers reliable supports for CPU coolers and large graphic cards. Hence you can also use it as your next mini gaming rig.

The ultra-compact design offers extraordinary compatibility and space efficiency for all users. It can easily fit the smallest ATX power supply, ATX motherboards, multiple storage drives, and high-end graphic cards.

The case works great for everyday uses such as web browsing, word processing, and others. However, you always have the option to upgrade it. After up-gradation, you can seamlessly use it for heavy-duty software such as video production, CAD, etc.

However, the case works great, but it is not toolless, so you will need a screwdriver to work on it.

The case comes with one 120mm Fan but offers support for three 120mm fans on the sides and top to keep your rig cool and calm. SilverStone is the best brand for various components, especially cases. Hence you can rely on their products, and this GD09B is one of the best smallest ATX cases on the market.


  • Awesome cooling capabilities, removable filters, along with dedicated PSU intake
  • Plenty of space for all GPUs with PCIe connectors on top
  • Includes USB Type-C front port


  • Only one pre-installed fan

Best Budget Smallest ATX Case


  • Dimensions: 16.82 x 8.26 x 18.09 inches
  • Tempered Glass: Yes
  • Build Quality: SGCC Steel
  • Motherboard Support: Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, and ATX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: Up to 381mm
  • Max Cooler Height: Up to 165mm
  • Cooling Fans Support: 4 * 120mm cooling fan.
  • Additional Features: USB 3.1 Gen 2-compatibility and USB-C connector.
  • Radiator Options: up to 240mm

Bottom Line: The NZXT’s PC cases are most recommended by the experts, and they are the best among the community. This NZXT H510 small ATX pc casing looks classy, sleek, premium, and it is popular for its top-notch support and build quality. Besides, the chassis is user-friendly and allows for quick customization, making it perfect for every user. It also has a removable radiator mounting bracket, lovely tempered glass, multiple fan filters, and the latest connectivity options.

NZXT is a reputable brand, and this H510 is the best small PC case on the market. The machine features attractive looks with great airflow that every gamer will surely love. NZXT H510 is a small mid-tower case that is available in various color schemes.

NZXT H510 pc case comes with seven expansion slots, and it is compatible with ATX motherboards. The cable management is quick and straightforward as compared to the other ATX pc cases on the market. This case’s exterior features heavy-duty steel that will not bend like other cheap casings. On the right side, it features a lovely tempered glass that seamlessly displays the inner components of your PC.

In terms of cooling, it offers decent supports for four 120mm fans. Two on the front panel for smooth intake, along with one on the back and one on the top. Furthermore, it comes with two Aer F120mm pre-installed fans on the front panel. Besides, if you are planning for overclocking, you can also install water cooling systems and customized loops.

NZXT cases are designed expertly, so the airflow throughout the case doesn’t get restricted. Despite its metal front and glass panels, the airflow remains consistent. You can also use static pressure fans on its front.

We also liked the location of the HDD and SSD’s storage drives. You can easily mount them behind the motherboard. However, you will have to use both sides to install the drives in the case. The smooth and complete access to both sides also allows for smooth cable management.

Overall, the case looks beautiful, is customized well, and supports RGB effects. The airflow is decent to make it suitable for overclocking uses.


  • Multiple pre-installed cooling fans
  • Support RGB lightning
  • Support 3.1 USB Gen- 2
  • Smooth cable management


  • No slots for DVD writers, blue ray drives

Best ATX Small Form Factor Case

Thermaltake Core G3

  • Dimensions: 14.6 x 5.5 x 17.9 inches
  • Tempered Glass: Yes
  • Build Quality: SPCC
  • Motherboard Support: ATX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: up to 310mm
  • Max Cooler Height: 110mm
  • Cooling Fans Support: 2 x 120mm fans
  • Additional Features: Two 5″ and two 3. 5” with HDD cage
  • Radiator Options: 240mm DIY liquid cooling radiator

Bottom Line: Looking for the best slim ATX pc case, the award goes to this Thermaltake Core G3 PC Case. The most interesting thing with this small form factor pc case is that it is suitable to use in an upright position like your everyday tower, or you can hide it under your monitor. The small ATX case has enough space to accommodate full-sized ATX and micro-ATX motherboards. In comparison, its build quality is also top-notch, with all the support for the latest PC components.

Thermaltake Core G3 maintains the stunning style while bringing the ATX gaming into your living room. With such a small size, the unit surprisingly supports high-end components that allow for 4K gaming along with VR support. However, we missed the tempered glass panels in this case. Instead, it features acrylic side panels which are just ‘okay.

The cooling is made exceptional with two 120mm pre-installed Turbo fans at the front side. As for the storage, you can fit two 3.5 inch or 2.5-inch drives inside the removable. The Thermaltake Core G3 small form factor pc case also includes two expansion slots. And it supports Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX, and ATX motherboards.

Moreover, this pc case is slim and looks much better than other average mid-tower PC cases. The plastic front panel looks elegant and features rounded slits cut for a unique look. On the front side, you will find LEDs, a reset button, a headphone and microphone jack, two USB 3.0 ports, and two USB 2.0 ports.

The exterior includes high-quality steel materials that are sturdy and withstand rugged uses. Furthermore, the case also includes magnetic dust filters on the top while you have the option to use them with the fans. The bottom side also allows for smooth ventilation like a top, and it also features a removable magnetic dust filter.

At the top of the case, you will find a different place to fit a 120mm fan, or you can also utilize this space to install a cooling radiator. For easy cable management, it has enough space behind the motherboard tray that gives you plenty of customization options.

All things considered, the case has everything that you can expect in the case designed by the industry experts.


  • Elegant and slim looks
  • Removable front panel
  • Two pre-installed fans


  • Two PCI slots

Small ATX Case for Silent PC Build

Cooler Master SL600M

  • Dimensions: 21.41 x 9.47 x 22.52 inches
  • Tempered Glass: Yes
  • Build Quality: Aluminum and Steel
  • Motherboard Support: Up to Extended ATX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 318mm
  • Max Cooler Height: 191mm
  • Cooling Fans Support: Six 120mm fans.
  • Additional Features: USB 3.1 (Gen 2) Type-C port, four additional USB ports
  • Radiator Options: up to 360mm

Bottom Line: The Cool Master SL600M pc case is lovely, perhaps the most beautiful in the Cooler Master lineup. The build quality is top-notch and features a full real glass side with metal construction. However, its inner is spacious but takes a bit of time to get used to this entirely new layout. Its futuristic design with optimal airflow is the best, thanks to its unique “chimney” design.

Regarded as one of the best small pc cases that support ATX motherboards, this SL600M features a unique design and the most efficient cooling mechanism that is exclusive. In SL600M ensures that cooling must flow from front to back to keep things cool, and it is entirely a unique and new concept.

Furthermore, the case features two 200mm fans mounted below that circulate the air in an upward direction—assisting the natural movement of heat. The heat dissipation is quick and keeps your system as quiet as possible. This makes it ideal for demanding components and allows you to perform various tasks seamlessly.

The top and front panels look beautiful and include anodized aluminum, sand-blasted for a glossy finishing. Three separate pieces are combined together to make up the whole exterior while its glass panel completes the finishing aesthetically.

As mentioned above, it circulates the air from bottom to above, while its front and back panels work as a shield and make it the whisper-quiet unit. To further reduce the noise, it comes with low RPM fans. The case is highly efficient and operates quieter than the others.

Furthermore, it features versatile brackets that you can use to mount an SSD, HDD, or radiator for optimal liquid cooling. Moreover, you can also use these brackets in multiple locations inside the case. You can also adjust its top panel as per your own needs.

The case supports two 3.5 inches hard drives or eight 2.5 inches drives. Plus, you have sufficient space for large GPUs up to 191mm in height. On the front panel, you have one USB 3.1 Type-C port and four high-speed USB ports, along with a proximity sensor that illuminates the ports so that you can use them easily in the dark.

Overall, the case has every feature that you can ask for, and it is designed to make your life a little easier.


  • Whisper quiet PC case
  • Modular front panel
  • Durable construction


  • Proximity sensor is not reliable

Cheapest Small ATX Case

Cooler Master Lite 3.1Title

  • Dimensions: 17.62 x 7.5 x 15 inches
  • Tempered Glass: Yes
  • Build Quality: Acrylic, Steel, and Plastic
  • Motherboard Support: Micro ATX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 380mm
  • Max Cooler Height: 158mm
  • Cooling Fans Support: 3 120mm fans.
  • Additional Features: One USB 3.0 port, one USB 2.0, supports HD audio.
  • Radiator Options: up to 240mm

Bottom Line: The MasterBox Lite 3.1 m-ATX small pc Case is your best and straightforward choice for your next PC build that features good looks, plenty of customization options, and high-quality performance. The case also features a sleek Dark Mirror front panel that will be your first entry point when heading for customization.

Despite its compact size and mini-tower format, this small pc case features enough interior space for smooth cable management. It features a black coating, and you can comfortably place large graphics cards up to 380mm with high-end CPU coolers.

In this price range, you will get lovely tinted tempered glass panels along with three super cool RGB fans and more than enough space to design a flawless ATX build. The included RGB fans are super functional, and they come with several color switch modes. Hence they are perfect to showcase your dream build to others.

Furthermore, the case the cheapest small ATX pc case on the market. You can save some bucks while maintaining the optimal support for high-end pc components like graphics card and CPU.

Moreover, the case supports almost every other motherboard, including E-ATX, which is perfect for enthusiasts. You will also find two pre-installed 200mm fans while you have the option to install five fans, two on the front side, two on the upper side, and one on its backside.

The inner is also spacious, and you can place large graphics cards up to 380mm. You can also mount the card vertically by using the e-raiser cables. Besides, it comes with multiple slots for drive bays of 3.5 inches, two spots for 2.5 inches, along with nine expansion slots.

Additionally, the built-in RGB controller allows you to adjust RGB lights quickly. The case also supports water cooling and AIO coolers. Overall, it has all the features needed for a perfect build, such as high-quality performance, great customization options, and reasonable price.


  • Affordable price
  • Spacious enough to house ATX boards while maintaining sleek looks
  • Smooth cable management


  • No reset button

Best RGB ATX Case

Cooler Master MCM H500P

Cooler Master MCM H500P

  • Dimensions: 21.40 x 9.50 x 21.30 inches
  • Tempered Glass: Yes
  • Build Quality: Plastic, Steel, and Mesh Front
  • Motherboard Support: Mini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX, E-ATX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 412 millimeter GPU
  • Max Cooler Height: 360 mm
  • Cooling Fans Support: Seven 120mm fans.
  • Additional Features: Two USB 3.0 ports, Two USB 2.0 ports, Audio In & Out.
  • Radiator Options: 360 millimeter

Bottom Line: Cooler Master is no stranger, and this H500P is the best RGB small ATX case on the market. This one of the smallest PC cases that features the perfect blend of a beautiful design and fairly silent cooling. The airflow is massive, along with decent cable management. You will also find removable drive trays for storage drives, and it has enough space to hide all the wires that you want to show off to the others. You’ll also get a PSU shroud with a CPU cut-out cover and covers for tidy cable management.

The Cooler Master’s H500P features a gunmetal and black chassis that look elegant. The case’s exterior features high-quality plastic, but the major portion and entire frame features heavy-duty steel, which comes nicely painted in black.

Moreover, the panels feature 5mm thick tempered glass on the left side, whereas its right side comes covered with steel. At the front panel, you will find a pair of USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0, and one slot for HD Audio connectivity.

Internally, the case can accommodate a Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX, and some E-ATX motherboards easily. Plus, there is a dedicated place for storage devices. It also a dual position HDD cage that houses two 3.5″ drives or 2.5″ drives. Apart from it, you will found two 2.5″ drive trays on its top as well. The case’s back features seven expansion slots that you can use for various purposes.

Furthermore, it comes with three cooling fans (pre-installed). The cassis’s front features two 200mm RGB fans which are compatible with all motherboards and controllers that have a 4-pin layout. You will also find a separate space to install three 120mm fans in the front. At the same time, its rear has enough space for a small 120mm fan.

The case also features support for water cooling, and it can house 360mm cooling radiators on the front and back.

Lastly, this H500P ARGB ATX Small PC case is also suitable for gaming purposes. Featuring dual 200mm ARGB fans at the mesh on the front panel and stunning lighting, the case is the best to use as your next gaming rig.


  • Vertical GPU Support
  • Support water cooling
  • Comes with ARGB Controller and 1-to-3 Splitter


  • Panels is flimsy

Best Small ATX Case for Better Cooling

Rosewill Cullinan PX

  • Dimensions: 18.8 x 18.7 x 14.3 inches
  • Tempered Glass: Yes
  • Build Quality: Steel and Glass
  • Motherboard Support: Mini ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX motherboards
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 310 mm
  • Max Cooler Height: 120 mm
  • Cooling Fans Support: 7 fans.
  • Additional Features: USB 2.0 x2, USB 3.0 x1, 3.5mm audio/mic
  • Radiator Options: 120mm

Bottom Line: Honestly, there is nothing to dislike in this small form case, especially when you look at its reasonable price. If you want the best smallest ATX pc case for new builders, this Rosewill Cullinan PX is perfect for you. The case can easily accommodate E-ATX and long graphics cards. You can even fit a Gigabyte G1 inside it with no issues. The dimensions are small but offer ample room to move things around and customization.

The Rosewill Challenger is spacious enough to accommodate almost all GPUs while maintaining small footprints. Furthermore, it has tool-free 3.5 inch and 5.25” mounting bays that are simple to remove and provide snug fitment for your storage drives.

Besides, the case is the best looking on the market. The tinted glass looks nice, allowing others just barely to see the guts, but showcases your RGB components very well. Exactly what most user demands.

The case is also perfect if you want a fully-loaded mid-range rig. The airflow might not be the best out there, but its air cooling works well. The case’s height and depth are perfect, but we find the width a bit compact, and it limits the airflow somewhat.

To keep your critical PC parts cool, you can also use a blower-style GPU or install liquid cooling in this case as it comes with a radiator mount at the front side. The case also features a dedicated place in the middle for radiators along with two cooling fans if you don’t want to place it on the top.

Furthermore, the drive bays are modular and include magnetic filters. However, its front panel lacks in some areas, such as there is only one USB port on the front.

The dual-chambered design works flawlessly and efficiently hides all the nasty cabling coming from motherboards and your PSU. The front IO cables also run inside the chamber and allow you to connect two chambers h to the main chamber.

Overall, it is a reliable small ATX casing that is ideal for basic uses. However, the case is not that suitable for intense use.

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  • RGB fans look nice in red accent
  • Removable drive bays
  • Comes with all the required hardware


  • Airflow is restricted

Alternative Budget Small ATX Case

Corsair Carbide 200R

  • Dimensions: 16.89 x 8.29 x 19.49 inches
  • Tempered Glass: No
  • Build Quality: Plastic and Steel
  • Motherboard Support: ATX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 420mm
  • Max Cooler Height: 165mm
  • Cooling Fans Support: 8 120mm fans.
  • Additional Features: (x2) USB 3.0 ; (x1) Headphone Port ; (x1) Microphone Port
  • Radiator Options: up to 240mm

Bottom Line: The 200R is inexpensive and mostly includes a plastic material, but all of its features and inner space are impressive. The case features multiple 120mm / 140mm fan mounts along with plenty of options for various configurations and SSD drive mounts. This case also features a fully tool-less design and a sleeved front panel. Unfortunately, it has limited water cooling options, but the low price tag justifies it.

This Corsair 200R pc case features standard soft steel and plastic exterior that looks sophisticated. However, the case is highly sturdy, and no need to force screws neither you need to bend anything; hence it allows for a straightforward build.

The case’s panels are all resonant, so you will not feel any vibration, and overall the unit is quiet, especially when you are using it for gaming or watching movies. You don’t need any special tools while installing your storage devices or any other components. Neither will you need them to install your optical drives. Even its side panels and expansion slots have thumbnails, ensuring smooth access to internal components.

Furthermore, the case allows you to fit four hard drives while it features more than enough space to mount a standard power supply unit. 

On the other hand, this Corsair Carbide 200R Compact ATX Pc Case features a great cooling mechanism. It has eight different locations that you can use to mount cooling fans as per your components. Apart from that, the case also supports some liquid coolers to maximize the cooling efficiency and overall performance.

The mid-tower form factor pc case has enough room for expandability, so no need to worry about the future. At the front end, you will see multiple USB 3.0 ports, headphone, and microphone ports, along with removable dust filters to keep your interior clean.

All things work well, and the airflow is satisfactory. Overall, this compact ATX casing is extremely convenient.


  • The wiring paths are simple to use
  • Appearance looks lovely – modern and angular
  • Removable front panels


  • Side panels are not solid

Alternative Cheap Small ATX Case

Cooler Master Q300L

  • Dimensions: 15.01 x 9.06 x 15.20 inches
  • Tempered Glass: Yes
  • Build Quality: Acrylic, Steel, Plastic
  • Motherboard Support: ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 360mm
  • Max Cooler Height: 159mm
  • Cooling Fans Support: Five 120mm fans.
  • Additional Features: 2x USB 3.0, Audio In & Out
  • Radiator Options: up to 240mm

Bottom Line: As far as physical orientation goes, Cooler Master’s Q300L adopts a middle road between gamers and minimalism. However, it looks cool. We also liked the patterned dust filters as they are stylish and add uniqueness to the case. Despite the Micro-ATX form factor and small dimensions, the case can accommodate 360 mm long graphic cards. Plus, you can also use a standard ATX PSU with this case.

The Cooler Master’s Q300 series is well-suited for basic uses. The case supports m-ATX and m-ITX motherboards, while you can use a normal ATX PSU with this case.

Furthermore, at the rear end, there are four screw panels and a rubber housing that allows you to place it horizontally or in a tabletop look that is quite popular among the users. However, you will not find any dedicated space for your optical drives.

As far as the specs are concerned, they are above average. However, we will advise you to check and confirm the dimensions of your components. Check for the cooler’s height as it can only accommodate coolers with a maximum height of 157mm. However, you can also opt for liquid cooling that is up to 280mm.

The case offers plenty of room for a small and basic build. You can also move the PSU and USB panel. SSD installation is clean, and it doesn’t have a large metal penal at the front for HDD. Instead, it keeps the HDD drives hidden behind the back panel. This also offers enough space to route your extra cords.

The power supply comes inside a removable bracket at the back. This unique placement keeps the airflow consistent and prevents overheating issues.

You will find a decent depth for easy and smooth cable management at the back, along with a large cut-out that you can use to mount coolers. Similarly, no need to remove your motherboard to fit the cables.

Overall this small ATX pc casing worth your money and allows you to design a basic unit with ease. This chassis has everything for smooth installation but not enough room to upgrade.


  • Comes with a removable dust filter at bottom
  • Tool-less mounting system
  • Supports liquid cooling


  • Limited airflow

Honorable Mentions: Corsair Crystal 460X

  • Dimensions: 17.30 x 8.64 x 18.26 inches
  • Tempered Glass: Yes
  • Build Quality: Steel
  • Motherboard Support: ATX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 14.5 inches
  • Max Cooler Height: 6.7 inches
  • Cooling Fans Support: 6 120mm fans.
  • Additional Features: Two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, headphone, and microphone jack.
  • Radiator Options: up to 360mm

Bottom Line: Once assembled correctly, this Corsair Crystal 460X Pc case looks excellent. The case looks sleek, clean, and functional. The case also contains RGB fans with multiple lighting options. You can also customize the RGB effects at a touch of a button. The tempered glass panels look awesome and contribute to its beauty.

Corsair is a top-notch brand serving since years because of its top quality products and affordable prices. This Crystal Series 460X RGB small ATX case features two-panel tempered glass along with three RGB SP120 fans on its front side. Furthermore, the included fans feature two airflow modes; the first is AKA AF, while the other is Static Pressure or SP. Both these modes are silent and perform adequately.

Furthermore, the case comes in shiny black color and includes high-quality steel materials. Moreover, the case is designed intelligently and features enough space for all of your components in an ideal way to deliver consistent airflow.

The case also has seven expansion slots, and it is compatible with ATX, Micro-ATX, and mini-ITX motherboards, along with multiple graphics card setups. As mentioned above, the case has three pre-installed fans. But overall, you can place a total of six fans inside the case on different mounting areas.

Besides, it features dedicated locations to mount two 3.5 inches drives or three 2.5 inches SSDs. You can also install a CPU cooler inside the case, and it supports liquid cooling.

Overall, the case performs well while maintaining smooth airflow throughout the case. However, its RGB controller lacks a turn-off feature, and cable management can be a bit difficult as compared to the others.

If you prefer aesthetics and looks more than the other features, this is the case for you. Price is also right, while its prominent features remain its three pre-installed RGB fans.


  • Comes with three RGB cooling fans
  • Seven expansion slots
  • Tool-less HDD assembling


  • Difficult cable management

Final Verdict On Small ATX Case

So this is the end of the post regarding the best smallest ATX cases to buy in 2021. We try our level best to give all the info that you will need to make a wise decision. All these are the finest on the market, and you can safely use them for various purposes. These are also perfect if you have not much space for a pc case, but you need optimal performance.

However, for all new builders, here are our recommendations for you:
The Overall Best Small ATX Case, in our opinion, is the Cooler Master HAF XB EVO. However, if you don’t want to break your bank, Cooler Master Lite 3.1 is the choice for you as it has been awarded as the best budget ATX case by our experts. If you are searching for the best RGB build, go with Cooler Master MCM H500P.

How to tell if a pc case is atx or micro atx?

If a PC case has up to four PCI slots, it can be a micro-ATX case. However, if it has more than the four, it is an ATX pc case. Plus, ATX casings are designed for vertical boards, while Micro-ATX casing is designed for square motherboards.

What is the best case for an atx motherboard pc?

Some of the best cases for an ATX motherboard are:

• Cooler Master HAF XB EVO
• Lian Li PC-O11
• Corsair Air 540
• Silverstone Black GD09B
• NZXT H510

What is an ATX pc case?

ATX (and other similar terms) states the form factor of a PC’s motherboard. Sometimes such terms are also used to define a case or component’s form. ATX stands for Advanced Technology extended.” It is also a form factor designed by Intel.

What is E-ATX?

The largest form factor among all options is the E-ATX. It is an “Extended- ATX” and quite popular among the overclockers. Mostly, you will see this form factor in the full tower computer cases and demanding PC builds.