The 10 Hot Picked Best Horizontal PC Cases In 2021

Best horizontal pc cases

Horizontal PC cases never go out of fashion. I mean, in the era of stunning RGB lighting effects, these sleek and minimalist cases have somehow managed their presence in the market. Despite all the fancy pieces of stuff that you normally see in the tower casings, these compact machines are still shining and enjoy a dedicated fan base.

One major reason for their never-ending popularity is their high versatility and compact dimensions. Nowadays, you will see horizontal casings in homes, workplaces, and some of these are also suitable for rugged uses.

Having said, if you are among the fans of these chassis, here the best horizontal PC cases to buy in 2021, along with other info:

Quick Recommendations
S. No.PictureNameClick To Buy

SilverStone Technology GD09B

  • 17.32 x 14.09 x 6.69 inches

Cooler Master HAF XB EVO

  • 16.7 x 17.4 x 13 inches

Thermaltake Core G3

  • 14.6 x 5.5 x 17.9 inches

SilverStone Tek

  • 13.78 x 17.32 x 4.13 inches

SilverStone Technology GD08B

  • 17.32 x 16.73 x 6.89 inches

Thermaltake Core V1

  • 12.4 x 10.9 x 10.2 inches

Antec Value VSK2000

  • 18.6 x 15.9 x 7 inches


  • 3.8 x 13.1 x 14.6 inches

Fractal Design Node 202

  • 13.07 x 14.84 x 3.46 inches

What To Look For In Horizontal PC Case

  • Prize

Once you’ve decided which horizontal PC case is perfect for you, the next step is to keep things under the budget.

However, as a universal rule, don’t opt for any cheap horizontal pc case. Instead, it’s better to invest one time in the best horizontal PC case with all the features. Never compromise cooling over price. We recommend choosing the unit that features multiple cooling fans for maximized airflow.

You have several options in terms of both design and construction. However, check measurements twice to ensure that it fits your components. The prices of pc cases depend mainly on the features, and in the end, it comes down to your needs and personal preferences.

Happily, you can easily get your desired horizontal pc case at an affordable price range, but keep in mind your necessities and try to find that sweet spot that offers a high price-to-performance ratio.

  • What Size Computer Case Do I Need?

Size plays a vital role in any build. In terms of sizing, you have plenty of options. Some common pc casing sizes are mentioned below for your perusal.

Full Tower Cases

The full-tower case supports all types of motherboards while also supports dual-motherboard builds. Tower casings are large, heavy, and somewhat difficult to manage. But it allows for plenty of space to customize your build.

These cases are great if you:

  • Plan to fit a dual-system build.
  • Plan to use ATX motherboard (or other larger)
  • Plan to use customized water-cooling options inside the case.
  • Want to fit large AIO coolers

Middle-Tower or Mid-Tower PC Cases

These are the most common types of PC cases. They offer reliable support for ATX motherboards while they multiple expansion slots. The cooling support is also much higher than the others, and it can house a lot of storage drives.

These cases are great if you:

  • You want an affordable PC case with no compromise on quality.
  • Need sufficient space for large parts.
  • Plan to run dual-GPU setups.
  • Need a lot of cooling fans and other cooling options.

Mini-ITX and MATX PC Cases

Unlike others, Mini-ITX and m-ATX PC cases are available in different shapes and forms. These PC cases are ideal for small systems. Moreover, these are also exciting from a visual perspective with a lot of variety.

Some of these PC cases can also accommodate full-size GPUs along with dual-channel memory and multi-threaded processors. However, these are not that user-friendly as they have limited inner space for customization.

These cases are great if you:

  • Don’t have adequate space to place full-size computer.
  • Don’t plan to use your PC for overclocking.
  • Want to use your PC for normal uses.
  • Don’t need a fully functional I/O and front panel.

Remember that m-ATX and Mini-ITX boards do not have multiple expansion slots. Plus, you will get a limited front panel.

Lastly, we will advise you to do some research and ensure you get the one that fulfills your need.

Best Horizontal PC Case Reviews 2021

Top Pick

SilverStone Technology GD09B

  • Dimensions: 17.30 x 14.10 x 6.70 inches
  • Motherboard Support: ATX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 31 cm
  • Additional Features: Support expansion cards up to 309mm.

Bottom Line: The SilverStone GD09 has managed to engrave out a unique PC that has no competition, especially at this price point. The case performs flawlessly and matches well with other high-priced models. The case has compact footprints, plus it has several cool features that many users will appreciate. The case also supports most AV consoles, and you can also rack-mount the case. It’s perfect; the adequate clearance for high-end CPU coolers, consistent ventilation, and a stellar SSD mounting mechanism make one of the best horizontal PC casing on the market.

Offering the perfect combination of both elegant style and substance at an affordable price point, the SilverStone GD09B excels on all levels, and that makes it our favorite pick.

Coming from a reputable brand, the GD09B features space-saving dimensions while maintaining a good-looking horizontal layout. Despite the compact size, it supports ATX motherboards.

The best part is that the horizontal PC chassis has several upgrade options. This is handy, especially when you consider its compact size. The unit also features a standard ATX power supply and graphics cards up to 31cm in length.

Furthermore, it has seven expansion slots that support a 5.25″ external and two 3.5″ drives. For storage, there is enough room for internal and external drives.

Sometimes, it gets confusing what you need more in a horizontal PC case. I mean, slot options are limited; often, you cannot fit multiple cooling fans with drive slots due to the compact dimensions. But this is not the case with this SilverStone PC case.

Despite its size, the case has decent ventilation and operates without overheating while maintaining good airflow. This comes in handy for a Home Theatre PC/HTPC uses, and you can install multiple fans or smaller water coolers. To be precise, you can fit three 120mm cooling fans with two 80mm fans. So, airflow is not a problem in this case.

The SilverStone GD09B features a traditional-looking design but with the excellent build quality. At the front side, you will get two USB3.0 ports, audio jacks, and a stylish drive bay.

Lastly, this SilverStone horizontal computer casing delivers exactly what makers advertised. Overall, it has a much higher price-to-quality ratio, and you’ll love it.


  • Sufficient cooling 4k gaming parts
  • Built-in dust filters on the sides
  • Built-in anti-vibration pads for quite working


  • Complicated interior
  • No front door
Runner Up

Cooler Master HAF XB EVO

  • Dimensions: 16.69 x 17.39 x 13.01 inches
  • Motherboard Support: ATX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 334 millimeter long
  • Additional Features: Dual USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports with X dock slots

Bottom Line: This Cooler Master is an interesting case. I mean, it looks like a cube, but accommodates even large ATX boards, features decent airflow with two pre-installed 120 mm fans that push air over all of the hot parts and bits. The build quality is very solid, and all its parts are solid, even the motherboard tray and side panels. Lastly, we love its looks, and in the end, it depends on your taste, but it appeals to us.

This Cooler Master HAF XB EVO is an ideal case for those looking for a square/cube-type casing. The unique case features LEDs that you can remove if you want to change their colors. The unit runs cool even under load while its fan draws all the heat generated by components from over the motherboard and exhausts it from the back.

Furthermore, if it suits your taste, then this horizontal beast is the treat for you. Despite its compact dimensions, the unit has more than enough space to accommodate two 5.25″ drives, four 3.5″ drives, and four 2.5″ drives. We understand that is too much, but you can utilize the free space for other components to breathe/fit!

Designed for optimum airflow, the Cool Master EVO pc case supports optimal cooling. To be precise, it allows you to fit up to five cooling fans while you will get two XtraFlo fans pre-installed. Moreover, it also has a dedicated space for water cooling radiators on the front.

Besides, it includes two USB3.0 ports along with an HD audio port. The chassis front panel and exterior feature robust steel material that is highly durable but also makes it too heavy than the others.

For beginners, the case is ideal. The case is easy to customize and comes with all the required hardware you will need for quick installation. The case also includes a removable motherboard tray, optical bay, a 5.25-inch drive rack. For a compact horizontal case, this is a big plus!

Overall, it is a great balance of decent cooling, space, simple use, and great build quality. Plus, you will also get a PSU shroud, and it fits home cabinet theater.


  • Entirely tool-less design
  • High airflow
  • Easy to customize


  • Not easy to move around with the handles

Best Small Form Factor ATX Case

Thermaltake Core G3

  • Dimensions: 14.6 x 5.5 x 17.9 inches
  • Motherboard Support: ATX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 310 millimeter
  • Additional Features: Two USB 3. 0 ports, USB 2. 0 port, HD Audio port. Steel exterior

Bottom Line: Thermaltake Core G3 is a small horizontal case that manages to pack in ATX motherboards, and you can comfortably hide under your table. You can use it as a mini-tower case above your desk. The performance is up to the standards, while it also allows you to monitor internal components through its large windowed panels. The inner is well-designed and features a simple layout. Lastly, most HTPC only supports mini-form motherboards, but Thermaltake has designed G3 cleverly and houses ATX motherboards which is a good move. 

 Thermaltake has many stunning PC cases in its extensive lineup, but the beauty of this Thermaltake’s G3 is it’s simple, and you can place it either vertically or horizontally.

Thermaltake classifies G3 as a slim ATX case. The machine can comfortably house ATX motherboards along with SFX PSUs. Furthermore, this is one of the cheapest horizontal PC cases on the market but delivers impressive performance and optimum user experience.

Furthermore, the case has all the features to be your horizontal gaming PC case. However, you will have to consider its compactness and virtual reality. The case is compact but still provides 120mm / 240mm water cooling options. Or you can install three cooling fans inside the case. Plus, you will get two front fans pre-installed with the case. We know for some of you, this number might be less, but you have plenty of cooling options in your build.

On the elegantly designed front I/O panel, you have all the connectivity options such as two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports along with standard audio ports. And if you look closely, all these are the features you’ll get in other premium options.

In terms of cooling and airflow, the case performs well but less than other horizontal cases. This is because of its compact dimensions. The case has a large mesh panel at the front and on the roof as well. At the same time, it features a heavily perforated area at the back end. To enhance the ventilation, it also features a magnetic dust filter at the roof.

However, there is a drawback in this computer case. Thermaltake G3 features a slim and sleek profile design, so you will not have much space for PCI-e cards outside. But you have the option to fit your GPU in a vertical position.

Overall, this is one of the best ATX horizontal PC cases that comes at an affordable price. Plus, it has several upgrade options, and it can accommodate large components.


  • Support for ATX motherboard
  • Sturdy Rubber feet
  • Comes with a dust filter


  • Inner is compact than the others

Best Micro ATX Horizontal Case

SilverStone Tek

  • Dimensions: 13.78 x 17.32 x 4.13 inches
  • Motherboard Support: Micro ATX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: N/A
  • Additional Features: Lockable front door, 350mm depth for home theater cabinet.

Bottom Line: SilverStone ML04B features a brushed aluminum exterior and maintains a minimalist approach. Due to this, the ML04 blends nicely with the equipment you have. Overall, the SilverStone ML04 is among the best slim HTPC cases, especially when you compare it with previous models. We will recommend it for all users who want to add a touch of class to their setup. The unit has enough space for 100W APU that also helps for light gaming while its fan noise is unnoticeable.

The SilverStone ML04 features compact dimensions up to 105 x 440 x 350 mm form factor that supports micro-ATX, DTX, and mini-ITX motherboards. In comparison, a low-profile HTPC supports standard ATX power supplies along with enough space for four 80mm cooling fans.

 Besides, it comes with special-purpose drive cages and support for four expansion cards. You will also find an expansion slot over the motherboard mounting area you can use for fan controllers or other connections.

Furthermore, the brushed metal looks, especially on the front, make it one of the slimmest on the market. This functional and horizontal PC case is ideal for tabletops and office work. Moreover, it is powerful enough to run your home theatre setup efficiently. Without a doubt, this is the best horizontal Micro-ATX Pc Case that you can get today.

However, its CPU clearance is limited, but it can accommodate low-profile coolers such as the Noctuid NH-L9i. The GPU clearance is also limited because of its tight corners that are designed for other adjustments. The chassis also supports some PS2 (ATX) supplies, and cable management is not a problem.

Lastly, the case also features USB Type-C and Type-A connections along with HD audio jacks. Both its front door and reset button are lockable, which come in handy in many situations. Lastly, it has a magnetic filter on the roof to prevent dust.


  • Dimmable power button light
  • Lockable front door
  • Fits A/V components


  • Inner is compact

Best E-ATX PC Case

SilverStone Technology GD08B

  • Dimensions: 17.32 x 16.73 x 6.89 inches
  • Motherboard Support: Extended ATX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 13.6 inches
  • Additional Features: Aluminum front panel with USB3.0 and audio port

Bottom Line: With the SilverStone GD08, you will be using the highest quality HPTC cases. The finest brushed aluminum finish is hard to find in others, while the features and support that this case provides are also matchless. The case can accommodate eight 3.5 inch drives, supports e-ATX motherboards, and plenty of cooling options. All these features don’t come with other HTPC cases, even the expensive ones. It has some downsides but these positives really outweigh them.

This SilverStone horizontal computer casing is robust and features all-metal construction with a few plastic parts. Moreover, the case supports various motherboards up to E-ATX; hence it is a perfect choice if you are looking to upgrade your build.

The elegant and minimalist design is appealing, and the I/O ports at the front allow for smooth connectivity. However, you will not get any cooling fans at the front, but it doesn’t release any heat from the frontal vents, thanks to the thoughtful interior.

Besides, the case is reliable, and the build quality is very sturdy. The removable internal drive case comes in shiny black along with sturdy top metal handles that you can fold when needed or when pulling out the cage.

In terms of the storage options, this is the best case out of these and guarantees that you will not run out of storage options. To be precise, it has eleven drive bays to safely accommodate your storage devices, including SSDs and HDDs.

Furthermore, all these drive bays have different sections, and that allows for effortless installation. We also found the heat dissipation quick and efficiently. It also ensures that all PC components and storage devices work flawlessly.

The case also includes four removable cylindrical feet that will not scratch your desk, plus it allows for enhanced airflow through the entire casing. At the bottom side, you can fit 120mm cooling fans. Both bottom and sides include a magnetic dust filter that you can remove for quick cleaning.

Overall, this pace has sufficient space and dedicated compartments to fit cooling fans. The pre-installed cooling fans work smoothly and quietly, and they will not disturb you while working.

Lastly, it has a lockable power button to ensure your privacy. All in all, this SilverStone shines in every department, and indeed it is the best horizontal PC casing to buy in 2021.


  • Cool and stylish design
  • Plenty of cooling options
  • Supports e-ATX motherboards


  • Drive racks are flimsy

Best Budget Horizontal Mini ITX Case

Thermaltake Core V1

  • Dimensions: 12.4 x 10.9 x 10.2 inches
  • Motherboard Support: Mini ITX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 285mm
  • Additional Features: USB 3.0 and HD audio connectors

Bottom Line: In our opinion, this Thermaltake Core V1 showcases excellent value for your hard-earned money. The case includes a 200mm pre-installed cooling fan, along with decent space for building and customization. In comparison, its design allows you to place interchangeable side panels in any orientation. Overall, the case is a treat to customize and the most user-friendly out there. Comparing it with other mini-ITX horizontal cases, Thermaltake Core V1 comes with great features and impressive build quality.

 This little cube by Thermaltake is among the best mini-ITX horizontal Pc chassis. The case deserves your special attention if you want to get rid of your old and outdated case. Or you want to design a whole new case on your own terms.

The Thermaltake Core V1 features an excellent build quality, thanks to the premium steel components. While its thoughtfully designed ventilation setup can accommodate up to 3 120mm cooling fans and it comes with a 200mm pre-installed fan.

Keep in mind default cooling isn’t bad; it is more than enough for common uses. However, it is not suitable for extreme uses, and then you will have to utilize other available options.

In terms of connectivity, the standard front panel includes two USB 3.0 ports with HD audio inputs. Considering its sophisticated design, the case is not suitable for large PC components. So we will advise you to check the compatibility of various components. Plus, you cannot fit large GPUs inside this little case.

Besides, you can easily access the available expansion slots just by removing the plastic protector located at the rear end of the case. Plus, there is additional room to install two cooling fans at the back as well. Hence you have more than enough cooling options in this horizontal mini-ITX case.

We didn’t notice any quality issues with this Thermaltake Core V1, plus the makers have full confidence in their product, and they show it by offering a three-year warranty.

Overall, it is an ideal fit, especially when you have a limited budget. The design and presentation are unique, with ample airflow throughout the build!


  • Best airflow throughout the case
  • Affordable price
  • Pre-installed dust filters
  • Well-designed interior makes cable management breeze


  • Not enough space for large GPUs

Best Budget Micro ATX Horizontal Case

Antec Value VSK2000

  • Dimensions: 18.70 x 15.89 x 7.0 inches
  • Motherboard Support: Micro ATX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 200 mm long
  • Additional Features: Four expansion slots

Bottom Line: The case is quite small and weighs around 12lbs. it supports 250W standard PSU and sports a subtle rectangular design. Thus it is ideal for builders on the budget trying to keep the size at an absolute minimum. The horizontal housing is well thought out and offers a lot of customization options. Overall, it is one of the best budget micro ATX horizontal pc casing that does the job efficiently.

This Antec VSK2000 PC Case offers you both orientation options, either vertical or horizontal. The chassis features a strong base that allows for vertical placement. The casing is compact and perfect for various purposes. Furthermore, it features a tool-less design along with an ODD/HDD housing system for smooth and quick installation. Apart from it, the computer case supports Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX size motherboards.

The small desk-sized footprint is an excellent deal, but some features inside the case require your special attention. Antec decided to opt for a TFX PSU for this case. This can be a surprise for some of you. It’s a rare power supply that is difficult to change and can be an expensive replacement if any part gets damaged.

Moreover, if your motherboard supports OC RAMs, this is not the case for you. We also find its clearance quite low for a Micro-ATX motherboard along with high profile RAMS. The case doesn’t come with any dust filter, but its unique and sealed design prevents dust accumulation.

Additionally, the PC case comes with an SFF, plus it has a separate slot for an optical drive, which is somewhat unique in any form factor. The build quality is top-quality with a clean design. The materials used in the manufacturing are rigid and provides a solid feel. Besides, it supports a low-profile CPU cooler under the roof for optimum cooling.

The horizontal PC case features easy to use lid just by pressing a button. It also supports USB 3.0 ports on its stylish front panel. Lastly, you can also use this casing as an HTPC in your home.


  • Removable front panel
  • Tool-less design
  • Minimalist horizontal PC case


  • No dust filters

Best Micro ATX Slim PC Case


  • Dimensions: 3.8 x 13.1 x 14.6 inches
  • Motherboard Support: Micro ATX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 187 mm
  • Additional Features: Two USB 3 0 Ports, Two USB 2.0 Ports with HD Audio jack

Bottom Line: The In-Win desktop horizontal pc case features a slim design that you can easily place on your work desk, living room, or in your home theater cabinet. Plus, the compact dimensions also make this pc a portable one. Further, the case has an innovative thermal design, thanks to the integrated 90mm front cooling fan that dissipates heat efficiently and cleanly. Overall it is a decent purchase, especially when you consider its price tag.

Want a slim horizontal PC case that fits seamlessly into less space? Well, this In-Win horizontal PC case is what you need.

Apart from its slim design, the case features sufficient space for most high-end motherboards and fits them neatly. Furthermore, its neat and clean interior allows for quick cable assembling without using any tools. As for the design and looks, the case scores full marks. You will appreciate its unique front grill that looks fantastic.

Having a reliable PC case also ensures that all your PC components remain safe and sound. Let me tell you, this horizontal PC case by In-Win qualifies all the safety precautions and regulations announced by various authorities. To be precise, it qualifies FCC Class B Requirements, and you can safely use it with Micro-ATX / Mini-ITX motherboards.

The case supports 5.25 inches, and 2.5 inches derives. The cage for storage drives is removable, and you will notice a dedicated space for drives at the storage. Cable management is a breeze, thanks to well-designed inner sections and sub-sections.

In terms of cooling, the case has the best thermal stability. We did not notice any overheating issues during testing; neither any PC component was damaged due to the same. The case features only one 90mm cooling fan on the front side that dissipates heat effectively.

Another handy feature of this feature is the Chassis Intrusion Switch that keeps you responsive to any intrusion with the components. Plus, the switch features works automatically as soon as you open the PC cover.

Lastly, it has many handy features that make it ideal for everyday use. It keeps your PC components protected regardless of your usage.


  • Tool-less mounts work well
  • Stock fan isn’t loud
  • Smooth cabling


  • Sharp edges and steel parts

Alternative Slim Small Factor Horizontal Case

Fractal Design Node 202

  • Dimensions: 13.06 x 14.81 x 3.42 inches
  • Motherboard Support: Mini ITX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 310 mm
  • Additional Features: Two USB 3.0 ports, PCI Express 3.0 x16

Bottom Line: This horizontal pc case by Fractal Design Node 202 is the best choice for those looking for a lovely designed, small chassis that also works as a capable gaming build. Featuring an excellent design that has sufficient space for all PC components while maintaining smaller footprints, this Node 202 is highly versatile, and you can safely mount it vertically or horizontally. The internal layout is well-designed and keeps the hot PC components separately, and doesn’t affect the free-flowing air to keep it always cool. All things considered, this is one of the best horizontal pc cases if you can overlook its price tag.

 Fractal Design is among the fan favorites. And this Node 202 is nothing different. The optimal support for high-end components, adequate airflow, beautiful body, and spacious interior make it one of our favorites.

Fractal has designed a small form factor but manages to provide sufficient space for inner parts while maintaining optimum cooling support even for a full-size high-end GPU.

Like Fractal design’s other pc cases, the Node 202 also features a discreet and minimal design but a stylish exterior. The small size, glossy exterior, and high performance make it perfect for various uses, and it blends well with your other items. Further, you can also use it as a small HTPC and place it under a TV or as a bedroom PC for nighttime movies.

Having said that, Fractal’s ensures that this Node 202 is ideal to use as a smooth gaming rig. For this purpose, it has separate places for your motherboard and GPU. This also improves cooling and allows you to put high-end GPUs with this small horizontal pc case.

The GPU chamber is also spacious. It offers sufficient space for two 120 mm cooling fans to keep it cool and calm. However, the motherboard chamber doesn’t feature any cooling fans, but it includes perforated panels to maintain consistent airflow throughout the case. These airflow grilles and fan intakes also dust filters that also enhance the airflow.

Overall, this pc case has all the features that you need for quick and smooth working.


  • Stylish looks with support for AV equipment
  • Several cooling options
  • Great airflow and quiet operation


  • Expensive
WRAP UP: Horizontal PC Case

PC Chassis are essential as they contribute to the overall aesthetics of your work desk, battle station, or gaming station. The best horizontal PC cases make your tabletop look tidy and deliver all the power and efficiency that will be unparalleled. If you want our recommendations to finalize your pick, here they are:
If you want the best horizontal gaming pc case, we recommend the Fractal Node 202 and SilverStone GD08 as they are ideal for gaming uses. Plus, you can also use them as a TV cabinet or A/V rack.

Furthermore, the SilverStone GD09B is our best and pick on the list. This SilverStone case is also ideal if you want a consolidated desk setup. The honorable mention Thermaltake Core P5 is also suitable for various purposes, and it is one of the stylish out there.

All said and done, this extensive guide about the best horizontal pc cases comes to an end, and we leave it up to you and on your needs.