8 Best Dual Chamber PC Cases in 2021


Trying to arrange your PC components and preventing the essential ones from the heat in a perfectly designed PC case? If Yes, then we have a little something for you on this page. You will find the best dual chamber PC case that will not facilitate you in housing your PC components easily but will also protect the GPU, PSU, and other PC components from heat through better airflow and ventilation systems.

What is a Dual Chamber PC Case? A dual chamber case is equipped with two main chambers in the chassis. One chamber is designed to provide effective cooling and ventilation to your PC components while the other chamber is destined to provide enough room for GPU, PSU, motherboard, and cable loops, thus covering the messy wire loop at the rear end. What you need in a classic dual chamber PC case is ample space so that all the components of your PC adjust conveniently while the show-off and design is also a non-compromising factor for most consumers.

We have reviewed some top-notch dual chamber PC cases to ease you in your selection and decision of purchase of the right one. So here you go!

Dual Chamber CasesWeightNo. Of FansRadiatorsCase Type
Lian Li PC-011 DX 01126.2lbs9120×360 or 120×240 or 140×280ATX Mid Tower
Corsair Air 54016.30lbs11280mm and 360mmDesktop
Corsair Air 680X25.57lbs15140mm, 280mm, and 360mmMini-Tower
Corsair Crystal 280X15.96lbs16240mmMini Tower
Thermaltake Tower 90054lbs13560mmFull Tower
Thermaltake Level 20 HT44.93lbs12280mm, 360mmFull Tower
Anidees Al Crystal20.94lbs12240mm, 280mmFull Tower
Rosewill Cullinan PX13.50lbs7280mm, 240mmMid Tower

8 Best Dual Chamber PC Cases Read Reviews 2021

Lian Li PC-O11DX 011- Top Pick

Lian Li PC-O11DX 011

  • Dimensions: 20.5×14.4×22.2 inches
  • Motherboard Support: E ATX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 420mm
  • Max Cooler Height: 159mm
  • Cooling Fans Support: 9 fans of 120mm support
  • Additional Features: Tempered Glass and Aluminum Design, Hybrid of air and water cooling
  • Case Type: ATX Mid Tower
  • Radiator Options: 120×360 or 120×240 or 140×280

It can never be easy to classify the best dual chamber pc case particularly when you have Lian Li PC- 011 dynamic atx mid-tower dual chamber gaming case. This dual system pc case is ideal for the ATX motherboard. Integrated with tempered glass and aluminum at the front, while the rear end has an adequate space to hide the messy wires and cables.

Also at the rear end, Lian Li dual chamber PC case features sufficient space internally to accommodate two HDD and up to four SDD units. While talking about the front panel, the room is large enough to hold Video Graphics Array VGA up to 420mm maximum length and about 360mm radiators, thus making Lian Li dual motherboard PC case more spacious as compared to Corsair Air 540.

One of the hallmark features of this dual system case is it offers water cooling along with air cooling. This means that if you are looking for a PC case for water cooling purposes, then Lian Li 011 is the one. By far, it is the best quality motherboard case suitable for builders to exhibit their own customized cable settings.


  • Compatible to E ATX motherboard
  • Spacious to accommodate 9 fans of 120mm dimensions
  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Enough room for radiators and SSD
  • Eye-catching tempered glass PC case panels
  • Easy cable management


  • Once it is assembled, it is very difficult to carry it.
  • Should have built-in fans at this price

Corsair Carbide Series Air 540 – Runner Up Dual Chamber PC Case

Corsair CC-9011030-WW

  • Dimensions: 16.3×13.1×18 inches
  • Motherboard Support: Micro ATX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 12.59 inch
  • Max Cooler Height: 159mm
  • Cooling Fans Support: 6 fans of 120mm or 5 fans of 140mm support
  • Additional Features: ample space for PC components, multiple USB slots, offers better air cooling
  • Case Type: Desktop
  • Radiator Options: 280mm top radiator, 360mm radiator on the front panel

Developed on the same concept as the Lian Li 001 dynamic Pc case, Corsair emerges with a number of top-notch specs at an affordable price range. One of the top-rated features of the Corsair dual pc case is that it features an adequate space in both of its chambers and accommodates each nook and cranny of your motherboard.

The dual micro ATX compatible desktop is integrated with a dual chamber direct airflow path, whereas the cooling mechanism is what makes it outstanding. Corsair Air 540 is integrated with 6 fans of 120mm or 5 fans of 140mm. There are 3 high-performance air series AF140L built-in fans that offer quieter and better cooling.

Moreover, the radiators 280mm on the top and 360mm on the front offer efficient airflow performance at the expense of low noise than other comparable dual chamber PC cases. Therefore, Corsair Air 540 is among the best PC cases for air cooling,

Digging deep into the specs, Corsair Air 540 features an innovative cable route that is highly favored by the builders who use their skills in customizing the cable loop. Thus a very spacious dual chamber case with a capacity large enough for CPU, motherboard, Graphics card, and memory.


  • Classic cooling
  • Quieter performance
  • Easy to maintain dust filters
  • Advanced air cooling and water cooling
  • Clean and spacious
  • Affordable in price


  • Offers 2 USB connectors on the front

CORSAIR Crystal Series 680X – Best Dual Chamber Case for High Airflow

CORSAIR Crystal Series 680X

  • Dimensions: 16.65×13.54×19.88 inches
  • Motherboard Support: ATX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 330mm
  • Max Cooler Height: 180mm
  • Cooling Fans Support: 8 fans of 120mm or 7 fans of 140mm support
  • Additional Features: Tempered glass cube, better for air cooling, maximum space for SSD and HDD
  • Case Type: Midi-Tower
  • Radiator Options: 140mm, 280mm, and 360mm

Integrated with a tempered glass cube, Corsair Crystal 680X is greatly marked for its maximum airflow from the hottest zones of your computer.

While discussing the classic specialty of this dual chamber wide computer case, the chambers line up as follows in function. The one chamber is integrated with 8 fans of 20 mm and 7 fans of 140mm and a number of radiators, thus offering active cooling. The other chamber, on the other hand, has a large space for accommodating cables, drive, and PSU to make it convenient for the users to mount the orderly system.

Digging deep into the specifications, Corsair Crystal 680X features a tempered three-sided panel of crystals to offer a spectacular look to the PC’s vital components. Plus, the SSD and HDD zones are way spacious for almost 7 drives for their organized handling.

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  • High airflow for better performance
  • RGB lights
  • Smart cable routing
  • Easy to build
  • Supports all types of motherboards


  • Not diverse in liquid cooling

Corsair Crystal 280X- Dual Chamber Micro ATX Case

Corsair Crystal 280X

  • Dimensions: 15.67×10.87×13.82 inches
  • Motherboard Support: ATX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 300mm
  • Max Cooler Height: 150mm
  • Cooling Fans Support: 6 fans of 120mm
  • Additional Features: cooling system along with RGB fans, eye-catching design of tempered glass
  • Case Type: Mini Tower
  • Radiator Options: 240mm radiator at the top, front, and bottom

The Corsair Crystal 280X is a dual chamber ATX motherboard case integrated with 3 eye-catching glass tempered panels and two pre-installed RGB fans that dominate this ATX case among other dual chamber PC cases. 

The dual chamber internal layout is way spacious while having the capacity to accommodate your PC’s components in more orderly and spick and span in the rear chamber. The storage compartment is exclusively for the 2 3.5” drives and 3 2.5” drives without merely affecting the storage capacity.

Talking about the cooling system of this dual motherboard ATX case, the extensive cooling mechanism is provided by 6 fans of 120mm and 2 Corsair LL120 RGB fans that light up around 32 LEDs. Further, the cooling is boosted by a 240mm radiator at the top, front, and bottom. Indeed, the product is pricey but if your budget allows, grab it.


  • Stunning RGB
  • Classic cooling system
  • Spacious storage
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable design
  • Great for mini itx
  • Efficient PSU dust filters


  • It is a bit expensive

Thermaltake Tower 900- Best High-End Dual Chamber Case

Thermaltake Tower 900

  • Dimensions: 19×16.7×29.6 inches
  • Motherboard Support: Extended ATX, Mini ITX, micro VAX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 400 mm
  • Max Cooler Height: 260 mm
  • Cooling Fans Support: 13 fans of 120mm
  • Additional Features: 2 USB ports, and an audio port for gaming gadgets, vertically mounted, hybrid of air and water cooling
  • Case Type: Full Tower
  • Radiator Options: 560mm liquid cooler radiators

Looking for all the high end features of assembling, styling, cooling system, and extra room for accommodation, then you must grab this dual mini itx case. Not only supporting itx, but it has also motherboard support for Eatx.

Let’s talk about the dual system PC case specialty. It is designed keeping in mind the needs for high-end gaming support with USB ports 3.0, USB port 4, and 1 HD audio. Secondly, it offers a spacious room for the graphics card around 400mm with a choice of vertical mounting. Moreover, there is no possibility of GPU SAG, thus vertical mounting does not become an issue.

Thermaltake Tower 900 has accomplished exceptional cooling potentials. It is among the best pc cases for air cooling with 13 fans of 120mm and 560 mm radiators for water cooling. Thus, Thermaltake Tower 900 is a perfect amalgam of air and water cooling systems.

Thermaltake 900 offers maximum customization of its components. The drive bay design allows the users to install storage devices of various sizes. The modular drive bay, however, is also removable just like the filters.

Corsair may be the wide computer case but if you are looking for exceptional cooling, then Thermaltake Tower 900 is the best option. It is, by far, the best dual chamber E ATX case to purchase.


  • Protected by a tempered glass window
  • Spacious and easy to assemble
  • Detachable drive bay and filters to offer maximum internal space
  • Extended liquid cooling ability
  • Multiple ports
  • Vertically mounted
  • Good for gaming and streaming
  • Huge in size


  • Comparatively small as compared to other E ATX models

Thermaltake Level 20 HT- Best E-ATX Dual Chamber Case

Thermaltake Level 20

  • Dimensions: 24.13×18.43×19.8 inches
  • Motherboard Support: Micro ATX, E ATX, ATX, mini ATX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 400 mm
  • Max Cooler Height: 260 mm
  • Cooling Fans Support: 10 120mm fans, 2 fans of 140 mm
  • Additional Features: Tempered Glass, vertically mounted, exclusive cooling system
  • Case Type: Full Tower
  • Radiator Options: 1x 280mm ,2x360mm

Similar to most of the features of Thermaltake Tower 900, the Thermaltake Level 20HT emerges with distinction in its super cool ventilation system.  This double motherboard case is designed for Micro ATX, E ATX, ATX, and Mini ATX. It offers plenty of room for accommodating the basic components of your PC.

This dual chamber PC case is made up of durable 4mm thick tempered glass windows to construct a full tower chassis that can be mounted vertically. Moreover, these tempered glass windows also offer quick access to the PC components.

Talking about the graphics support, this can be the best dual chamber case in adjusting the graphics card up to 400mm in length. This means that if you own a gaming PC, then this dual chamber case can easily enclose your E ATX graphics unit.

Considering the cooling and ventilation, Thermaltake Level 20HT consists of 10 fans of 120mm and about 2 fans of 140mm. For water cooling, it comprises 1 radiator of 280mm above and 2 360mm radiators on all the sides.

The second chamber offers large enough space to maintain tidy cable arrangements, covering the PSU and other mess to give an organized look. Price-wise, this dual chamber case has got a decent price tag that is easy to purchase.


  • Exclusive cooling and ventilation
  • Adequate room for GPU, radiators, and other PC components
  • Tempered glass covering
  • Pre-installed removable filters
  • Good for gaming GPU


  • Smaller in size as compared to Thermaltake Tower 900

Anidees AI Crystal- Best Dual Chamber Case for Gaming

Anidees AI Crystal Cube

  • Dimensions: 15.82×12.24×15.9 inches
  • Motherboard Support: Micro ATX, E ATX, ATX, mini ATX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 335 mm
  • Max Cooler Height: 168 mm
  • Cooling Fans Support: 10 fans of 120mm, 2 fans of 140mm
  • Additional Features: RGB lighting, amalgam for air and liquid cooling
  • Case Type: Full Tower
  • Radiator Options: 240/280 mm

Nothing can be as amazing as this RGB dual chamber PC case. Compatible with micro ATX, E ATX, ATX, and Mini Atx, Anidees Al Crystal emerges to be the best gaming case with 5 RGB pre-installed fans.

Let’s focus on the design. Anidees is a tempered glass cube PC case that consists of two chambers. One chamber is meant for better airflow and ventilation while the other one is destined for cable management. The interior of the chamber is so spacious to accommodate a GPU of 330mm and motherboards of up to 305x330mm, this means that you can easily use this dual chamber case for your gaming graphics.

Considering the cooling system, Anidees has an exclusive liquid cooling radiator support of 240/280mm and supports up to 12 fans for air cooling. Thus, this dual mini itx case is a hybrid for air cooling as well as liquid cooling.

One of the most outstanding features of this dual chamber case for gaming is that it is equipped with a radio frequency remote. This facilitates the consumers to change the speed of the fan as well as customize the effects of RGB.


  • Exclusive cooling system
  • Spacious to support a graphics card
  • Vertical assembly
  • 100mm space only for cable management
  • Remote control for easy addressable RGB


  • Installation of GPU requires unscrewing of additional brackets at the rear side which makes the process lengthy

Rosewill CULLINAN PX- Best Tempered Glass RGB Case


  • Dimensions: 18.8×18.7×14.3 inches
  • Motherboard Support: ATX, Mini ITX, micro ATX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 310 mm
  • Max Cooler Height: 120 mm
  • Cooling Fans Support: 7 fans of 120mm on the front, top, and rear end
  • Additional Features: Easy to assemble for the builders, spacious, tempered glass window
  • Case Type: Mid Tower
  • Radiator Options: 280 mm radiators at the top, 240mm on the front

Rosewill Cullinan PX is rated as the best tempered glass RGB case and why not; this mini itx PC case is integrated with a tempered glass full window with a slight tint that offers the classic LEDs to exhibit their illumination through the small form case.

Rosewill is a mid-tower cube compatible with a mini itx motherboard and features two chambers. The dual chamber case is designed in such a way as to separate the PC components for better airflow and efficient cooling. One chamber is of course meant for cooling air and liquid cooling while the other chamber offers enormous space to accommodate GPU, PSU, and extra cable wires loops.

One of the hallmark features of this mini itx dual chamber PC case is that it has launched Ruby red LED edition which I suppose is ideal for DIY PC builders enthusiasts to show their skills in looping wires and enclosing the PC within dual chambers.


  • Tempered glass design
  • Compact design
  • Spacious for PC components
  • Keep hot components separated from cooler ones
  • LED lighting fans for gamers
  • Easy to assemble


  • Atx mobo touch the bottom of the case, with minimum room below for cables


Winding up all our reviews, we hope that you may have found the best dual chamber PC case for your desktop. While guaranteeing the efficiency and performance of all the dual-chamber cases aforementioned, we declare Lian Li PC 011 Dynamic as the most emerging, stylish, spacious, and efficient in performance. The price tag is also affordable in case you don’t have enough budget to spend.

As a runner-up, Corsair Air Series 540 cannot be defeated with its large chambers to accommodate each nook and cranny of your PC components.

However, if you are searching for the best dual chamber case for gaming purposes, then spend a bit extra of your wallet and purchase Thermaltake Tower 900.

Make your decision of purchase on the basis of your intent of use and according to the features of each dual chamber PC case mentioned above.

Questions You Might Have

Why should you buy a dual system PC case?

A dual system PC case is important for managing your PC components as well as separating the hot components from the cooler ones. It also manages to keep your PC messy cables at the rear end while displaying the hardware in the front panel.

What is a dual PC case?

A Dual PC Case provides option to setup Multiple pc components in a single case. It allow users to switch without stressing about Extra wires and space between the two depending on their Needs.