Top 11 Picks For White PC Cases in 2021 – Budget Picks

best white pc cases

Want to stand out from other common PC cases on the market? Well, if you don’t like pink or black PC cases, then there are many good-looking white computer cases that you can get for your new build. The options are limitless…

But this comprehensive guide only covers the best white pc cases available today. Along with, Everything that you need to know about them. Whether you’re designing a gaming rig or looking for a high-end chassis for extreme uses…
These are the best white pc cases available today.

Besides, you will get all the necessary information about the subject matter below in this guide.
Just pick a modern case from the list, and it will handle the rest.



When you are shopping, one of the most important factors is the product’s cost and your budget. You must get the best product while remaining within your budget. People easily get mesmerized by unnecessary features that blow their budget.

Marketing and advertising are all about mesmerizing you to buy something that you even do not need. So, we will advise you to remain within your budget, check reviews before buying, know your needs but don’t compromise on the product’s quality.

PC casing’s durability, along with its specifications, are important considerations and much better than the low quality or cheap case.

Choosing A Size

Functionality is above the design when it’s about pc case. Hence, your final decision must be based on the functionality rather than the form when buying a white PC case. In simple words, looks are essential, but all your money and efforts will go in vain if the case is not functional.

As for the functionality, the right size matters a lot and more than any other factor. The thing about these things; do you have enough space to place the case on your table or another solid surface near your table? Do you have a confined space, such as dorms?

Similarly, you need to consider the inner dimensions of the pc case. This comes in handy, especially for the PC components like fans, cooling radiators, GPU, and other components that acquire a ton of space inside.

In terms of sizing, you have the following options:

  1. Full-Tower Cases

White full-tower pc cases look awesome, and you can fit standard ATX and EATX motherboards inside comfortably. In comparison, you can also use smaller boards with the case. Plus, they have sufficient space to house long GPUs and other components.

  1. Mid Tower Case

When it comes to White Gaming PC Cases, the first choice of most users is the mid-tower pc case. It features an excellent blend of relatively compact sizes and enough internal space to house all PC components that gamers might need. And you can use ATX, MATX, and EATX form-factor motherboards as well.

  1. Mini Tower Case

These are easy to carry and feature compact and portable designs. However, motherboard support in these cases is limited to the MATX form factor.

Cooling Option

Cooling is vital whether you have a white or black pc casing. Similarly, if you like to use liquid coolers or want to install any specific GPU, you must pick a computer case with sufficient openings to install the large air or water coolers.

Keep in mind that all cases cannot accommodate liquid cooling radiators. Every case has different specifications, so check before buying. Vents at the front or sides also reduce overheating and enhance the cooling efficiency of your white build.

Air Flow

Every PC case demands good airflow. Thus we will advise you to consider the following points:

Look for the case that can accommodate multiple fans at different points inside the case (front, rear, top, sides, etc.) Most cases only have one or two pre-installed fans but offer support for many cooling fans. If your budget allows, pick the case that allows you to use multiple cooling fans.

The panels on the case also play a vital when it’s about airflow. Computer casings with grilled panels are perfect because the grills allow consistent air to flow in and out of the case. So, if possible, try to buy a case that comes with a grill and vents as they will keep your pc cool.

Best White PC CASE Reviews – 2021

Best White PC Case: Phanteks Eclipse P400

Phanteks Eclipse P400

  • Dimensions: 18.49 x 8.25 x 18.22 inches
  • Motherboard Support: ATX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 395 mm
  • Max Cooler Height: 160 – 179 mm
  • Cooling Fans Support: 6 All sides.
  • Additional Features: Two USB 3.0 ports, headphone, and mic jack LED Controls, Reset button.
  • Radiator Options: up to 360.

Phanteks’ Eclipse P400 features a unique design that will surely turn heads in the neighborhood. its all-new tempered glass side panels look out of this world, while its reliable build quality ensures that you will use it for years.

Furthermore, this latest variant of the Eclipse Series comes with an RGB lighting controller, features an open interior, and supports all-in-one liquid coolers. The Eclipse P400 tempered glass panels look awesome and, as mentioned above, give it a ‘unique’ look.

Besides, you will also find an LED strip installed at the front side, while you can also add another strip in the interior of the case. In our opinion, the best location is on the top side of the case. Moreover, the bright LED strips come with a connector at the end and allow you to connect it with another led strip if you want to make your case ‘full bright.’

In terms of cooling and cable management, this white-tempered glass pc case shines as well. The fans are reliable, and you have to wire them with eight-pin power. Plus, they are nicely placed on the heat spreader on the Mobo. The best thing is that the heat spreader features multiple channels for better and consistent airflow throughout the case. The airflow is great, while its built-in ports on top make things mess-free.

For smooth cable management, it comes with sturdy Velcro ties at the back of the case. The included cables come pre-managed for your ease. Plus, you will have two SSD mounts on the motherboard’s backside.

Lastly, the large opening at the back makes it effortless to install any cooling system while its HDD cage is removable.

Bottom Line:
This Phanteks Eclipse case is unique. The size is right, and the build quality is optimum. Comparing it with other high-end models, this ATX white pc case is literally a “ShowCase.” Included fans are also effective while the case’s exterior is rigid and not “bend” like other pc cases. Plus, there are no vibration issues, and its dark, tinted glass panels look amazing. Overall, the unique design and simple interior make it one of the best on the market.


  • Removable dust filters
  • Spacious inner with optimal airflow
  • Disk bays are toolless (only 3.5-inch trays)


  • Audio jacks are made up of thin plastic

Runner Up ATX White PC Case: Lian Li PC-O11DW

Lian Li PC-O11DW

  • Dimensions: 20.49 x 14.39 x 22.19 inches
  • Motherboard Support: EATX, ATX, Micro-ATX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 420mm
  • Max Cooler Height: 155mm
  • Cooling Fans Support: Nine all sides.
  • Additional Features: One USB3.1 Type-C Port, two USB 3.0 Ports, HD Audio port.
  • Radiator Options: 120x 240mm or 140x 280mm or 120x 360mm

The Lian Li O11 Dynamic white profile and look resembles its ancestor “PC-O11”, but there are some major upgrades. For example, the elegant front glass panel is much wider, while its I/O strips at the front are narrower. All these changes make it more prominent in terms of looks.

Furthermore, you will find two PSU bays at the back, which you can use at the same time. For many of you, this might not be important, but you can utilize unused slots to house to HDD. Besides, you will find a hard drive cage at the top while PSU support is at the bottom side, and you can easily swap their places. However, the HDD cage doesn’t obstruct airflow.

Additionally, there is a dedicated space to fit three 360 radiators. However, the bottom spot is not ideal for the radiator’s installation. The bottom intakes are much effective for fresh air intake.

For cable management, you have plenty of room to cram wires and cables. You can also remove the side drive cage to free up some space. Plus, you can also fix PSU at the top location to make the inner more creative. The removable dust filters on all sides also enhance its airflow and improve its overall performance.

Overall, it is a cheap white pc case with a unique design and cooling layout. With the proper lighting, it really catches the attention. The white color looks amazing, and you don’t need any other colors to make it prominent.

Bottom Line:
This is a great ATX white pc case that comes at an affordable. This Lian Li. 011 white PC case is well-engineered inside out that efficiently displays your gear and your PC building skills. As a PC enthusiast, you will love its seamless front and optimized interior with a lot of space to play. Definitely worth it!


  • Most stylish white pc case on the market.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Removable magnetic dust filters.
  • Lots of fan and radiator options


  • Doesn’t supports Noctua CPU fans

Best White Tempered Glass PC Case: Thermaltake H200

Thermaltake H200

  • Dimensions: 16.40 x 8.25 x 17.77 inches
  • Motherboard Support: Mini ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX Motherboards.
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 320 mm
  • Max Cooler Height: 180mm
  • Cooling Fans Support: Five 1400 fans.
  • Additional Features: Two USB 3.0 ports, HD Audio port, One RGB Button.
  • Radiator Options: Two 240mm, One 280mm

The best thing about black and white pc builds is that they blend seamlessly with other colors and combinations, especially for RGB. This Thermaltake H200 Tempered Glass is the best all-white pc case that supports almost all types of motherboards.

The major component that makes it the most beautiful case is thin strips of RGB that sparkle from top to bottom. This unique color combination of white and RGB (especially at the exterior) is phenomenal. However, this beauty comes with a few extra bucks, but; the price is well justified. Another brilliant feature of this case is that it allows you to channel various profiles of RGB as per your liking.

Furthermore, this white computer case comes with a solid tempered glass that showcases your internal PC components to others. Not to mention, the case is suitable for all high-end PC components without any trouble. On top of that, you will find a separate compartment for smooth cable management.

However, there is a minor downside of this pc case. It features a non-synched dull fan at the backside. As it is a non-RGB cooling fan, you cannot control it, and this leaves you with two different cooling setups that some of you might not like.

Still, we will consider it a decent trade-off. The dimensions are compact, and you can safely carry it while storing it is also simple. We also liked its durable steel construction while its inner is so spacious with great airflow.

Bottom Line:
Thermaltake H200 RGB White Mid Tower Chassis is all about a clean, simple, and sleek look that is more than enough to fulfill the basic needs of PC builders. At a glance, it looks simple white pc case, but its detailed review will reveal unique aesthetics and supreme hardware compatibility. Plus, it offers excellent support for liquid cooling blocks. Its al metal type look and optimal airflow make it one of the best white mid-tower cases on the market.


  • Top dust filter is magnetic and can be removed.
  • Has a big PSU shroud to hide cables underneath
  • Airflow is fantastic!


  • Limited space for connectors.

Best White Case for AirFlow: Corsair iCUE 220t

Corsair iCUE 220t

  • Dimensions: 15.54 x 8.25 x 17.70 inches
  • Motherboard Support: ATX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 300mm
  • Max Cooler Height: 160mm
  • Cooling Fans Support: 6x 120mm Fans.
  • Additional Features: Two USB 3.0 ports, HD audio jack.
  • Radiator Options: 360mm

This all-white PC case offers great features for the price. Its outstanding looks, superb performance add more quality and smooth performance. Hence, if you want a smart PC case with a lot of space and seamless connectivity options, this is the right investment to make.

For an ideal air intake and smooth system cooling throughout your PC, this white case is designed with an optimized high airflow layout that is further complemented by a steel grill at the front panel.

For a better and efficient cooling experience, this casing allows you to use RGB lighting effects and fan features at the same time. Let me elaborate; it comes with three Corsair SP120 RGB Pro fans that are line up with bright LEDs individually addressed inside the PC case. In total, you will get 24 LED lights with the PC case.

Furthermore, there are dust filters on almost all sides, including at the top, front, and bottom of the PC. The facade filters are sturdy and magnetic. Plus, they are effortless to maintain!

To adjust lighting effects, it features Corsair iCUE software. Moreover, it also features a lighting Node core that offers amazing lighting effects. For ultimate durability, this white Corsair 220T RGB PC case features a solid steel construction along with a robust front plate. This front plate adds to its durability and also gives it a catchy look.

You will also find amazing lighting work inside it that also offers a clearer view of all the PC components. In contrast, its edge-to-edge glass side panels look superb and enhance sound dampening properties.

Lastly, the finely built front panel is simple to use and includes the latest connectivity options.

Bottom Line:
Corsair iCUE 220t is a visually stunning white pc case. If you are searching for a cheap white computer case, this is the case for you. Its lovely construction and brilliant design will blow you away. From tempered glass windows to brilliant airflow to its effective cable management options, all are well and thoughtfully designed. The bottom line is, this is the best white pc case for all those looking for a functional mid-tower chassis at a reasonable price.


  • Supports water cooling
  • Excellent airflow and silent working
  • Solid steel construction


  • Not suitable for extreme uses

Best Micro ATX White PC Case: Corsair Crystal 280X

Corsair Crystal 280X

  • Dimensions: 15.69 x 10.90 x 13.80 inches
  • Motherboard Support: ATX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 300mm
  • Max Cooler Height: 150 mm
  • Cooling Fans Support: 6 120mm fans.
  • Additional Features: Two USB 3.1 Type-A ports, One Audio, and Mic jack.
  • Radiator Options: up to 280mm

I guess you are looking for a portable and compact white computer case; if that’s the case, then have a look at this Corsair Crystal 280X m-ATX white build. The form factor might not be as famous as others, but it performs well.

The case comes with aesthetically pleasing RGB fans that you can easily toggle as per your will. Needless to mention that you can customize and control 32 LEDs via the provided node. Moreover, the pc case features thick glass panels that give a beautiful inner view, particularly in the dark.

Don’t get distracted by its compact size. We agree that it is small than the others but provides enough storage options. You can easily house two 3.5 inch and three 2.5″ storage devices, whether they are SSDs or HDDs.

Additionally, it features handy dust filters to accumulate dirt and debris. The filters are well-placed at the front, back, top, and bottom. Just take them out, clean, and enjoy the lag-free performance.

To be honest, this beautiful white pc case offers the best cable management options for your all-white build. It also features a dedicated chamber for your PSU and other drives, making the interior clean and organized.

Overall, it is a great ‘showcase’ tier chassis that comes at a quite reasonable price than similar offerings.

Bottom Line:
It’s an excellent case with a functional layout. The size is also perfect, superb build quality, and looks awesome in bright white color. The cube design paired with a modular PSU offers plenty of inner space and efficiently hides the unsightly cables. The three glass panels do an effective job of damping noise while its cooling fans are fairly quiet as well.


  • Thick glass panels
  • Sleek design
  • Supports 280mm radiator
  • Magnetic dust filters


  • A bit expensive

Best White Mini ITX RGB Case: In Win A1 Plus

In Win A1 Plus

  • Dimensions: 10.7″ x 8.8″ x 14.1″
  • Motherboard Support: Mini-ITX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 320mm
  • Max Cooler Height: 160mm
  • Cooling Fans Support: Four 120mm Fans.
  • Additional Features: Two USB 3.0 ports, HD Audio jack.
  • Radiator Options: up to 120mm

Here comes the white beast in our lineup that allows you to customize your build with addressable RGBs. The In Win A1 Plus features a durable tinted transparent stand while its lovely RGB lights slice through the case and form an awesome lighting experience that you cannot get in other cases.

The case also doesn’t disappoint in other features. It comes with two Sirius loop ASL120 fans for optimal cooling. Plus, its shiny black structure comes with dual radiant RGB loops on both sides of the fans.

The square structure allows for smooth customization and supports a heat sink up to 160mm while you can comfortably fit large GPUs in it 320mm. There is a smooth pathway that you can use to access dual 2.5″ HDD mounts at the backside. If you don’t use these mounts, you will have full access to the back of the motherboard.

In terms of cooling, we didn’t notice a single complained of overheating while analyzing the consumer reports. It features ARGB full ring at the bottom along with two 120mm fan mounts to deliver the ideal airflow to the PC. Plus, the ARGB ring gives your rig a whole new look.

It features a brushed aluminum panel with dual USB 3.0 ports and HD audio in and out on the front end. We also noticed that this white computer chassis looks awesome even when the RGBs are off.

With the front power supply mount, the case offers a more clean look, while its thoughtfully designed cutouts and ties keep things tidy and streamlined inside the case. With the ARGB intake on its sides and exhaust on the rear, the case shines and keeps things cool.

Overall, this white In Win Plus offers noiseless working, and it is ideal if you want an all-white gaming pc case. The case’s base and legs feature sturdy acrylic materials, while its ringed inner with RGB LEDs make this case stand out.

Bottom Line:
Overall, we didn’t notice any major flawless in this PC case. It is a real beauty and priceless white gold for all PC enthusiasts out there. Cooling, thermal properties, compatibility, and cable management are conceptually designed, and in return, it delivers a silent performance even under harsh loads.

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  • Addressable RGBs
  • Simple to assemble and customize
  • Excellent thermal properties


  • Fan cable doesn’t have splinter

Best Cheap White Minimal Case: DarkFlash Mini-ITX/Micro-ATX

DarkFlash Mini-ITX/Micro-ATX

  • Dimensions: 14.8″ x 8.2″ x 15.9″
  • Motherboard Support: Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 330mm
  • Max Cooler Height: 160mm
  • Cooling Fans Support: Five 120mm fans.
  • Additional Features: Two USB 2.0, HD audio jack.
  • Radiator Options: up to 2*240mm

Here is the best budget white pc case featuring a transparent side panel at an affordable price, the DarkFlash Mini-ITX/Micro-ATX.

This mini white pc case features removable side panels without any tools. The powder coating on coating enhances its durability and ensures it will not attract rust or corrosion. Plus, this powder-coated exterior also makes the body resistant to scratches.

Furthermore, the unit is simple and quick to assemble. It features holes that allow for smooth cable management. There is additional space behind the motherboard that you can use to hide PC cables.

Moreover, the unit features a big power supply shroud which comes in handy during customization. You can easily bunch cables under it, and they will remain hidden, providing a clutter-free inner.

The white mini ITX case by Dark Flash also supports water cooling support. That’s surprising, especially when you consider its compact size and budgeted price. It supports a 240mm cooler at the top, 280mm at the front, while it has a dedicated space to install a thin radiator at the rear. The mounting of drives is adequate, and it supports two 2.5 inches drives and comes with a removable drive cage.

Aesthetically, this white tempered glass pc case looks sharp and matches well with about any RGB theme. The front grill also enhances airflow, whereas the included dust filters are effortless to clean without disassembling too many pieces.

Bottom Line:
This sturdy little DarkFlash DLM22 pc case is spacious and features an easy-to-assemble layout. We loved its unique poly-mesh design, magnetic side panels, and the unit has dedicated vents on multiple places for consistent airflow. Overall, this is the best white Mini-ITX pc case that features a thick, SPCC-backed structure and a bottom-mounted, standard PSU.


  • Plenty of brackets and cutouts for cable management.
  • The pack includes required screws and cable ties.
  • Side-panels with magnetic design


  • Lacks support for USB 3.0 Type C port

Best Budget ATX Mid Tower White PC Case: NZXT H510


  • Dimensions: 16.80 x 8.25 x 18.12 inches
  • Motherboard Support: Mini-ITX, MicroATX, and ATX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 381mm
  • Max Cooler Height: 180mm
  • Cooling Fans Support: 4 120mm fans.
  • Additional Features: USB 3.1 Gen 2-compatibility and USB-C connector, Headset Audio Jack.
  • Radiator Options: 3*120mm

The H510 compact ATX is the best choice if you want a white pc gaming case with an RGB build. Like other premium models on this list, NXT H510 also features thick tempered glass side panels that do the wonderful job of keeping your machine cool and maintains the adequate temperature inside the case.

This white mid-tower ATX case by NZXT is suitable to use all motherboards and allows you to fit large PC components such as radiator mounting brackets, GPUs, and more.

Some of its other structural attributes include a sensible cable routing setup, pre-existing channels, and a modular chassis. However, its fan setup steals the show. It offers reliable support to install up to four cooling fans on the front and top, while you can also use air cooling, in this case at the rear. Plus, it comes with two AER 120mm (pre-installed) cooling fans for optimal airflow.

As for the storage support, you can fit and use three SSD and three HDD units with the case as per your convenience. Its front panel features USB 3.1 Gen 2-compatible USB-C connector that allows you to connect it with other devices. Plus, it also has a hybrid audio slot.

Overall, this compact white pc case by NZXT is fully capable to use as a high-end gaming pc. Its elegant and modern looks make it super cool, while its adequate airflow and layout make it a highly functional unit.

Bottom Line:
The NZXT H510 performs beyond our expectation at any competition, thanks to its robust steel-based chassis, sleek layout, and elegant looks with thick tempered glass side panels. The unit is well-suited for workstation enthusiasts, streamers, and pro gamers. Featuring seven expansion slots, high data transfer speed, and the latest connectivity options, this is one of the best white pc cases in 2021.


  • Best minimalist white pc case on the market
  • Thick glass panels
  • Supports air and liquid cooling


  • Can accumulate dust

Best White ATX Case for Silent PC Build: Corsair Carbide 678C

Corsair Carbide 678C

  • Dimensions: 21.63 x 9.39 x 19.55 inches
  • Motherboard Support: Micro ATX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 370 mm
  • Max Cooler Height: 170 mm
  • Cooling Fans Support: 9*120mm cooling fans
  • Additional Features: PWM fan controller and three USB ports
  • Radiator Options: up to 360mm push-pull radiators

This CORSAIR mid-tower white ATX case features sophisticated style and high versatility. Without any doubt, the most prominent feature of this pc case is its sound-damping sides, roof, and front panels that deliver a vibration-free experience.

Apart from this, the computer case is quite spacious. To be precise, you have plenty of space to fit nice 120mm fans for optimal cooling. The case also supports large radiators up to 360mm on the front and the roof. You can comfortably place nine cooling fans inside the case and control them easily via the PWM fan controller.

Moreover, the storage options are many in this casing. It comes with six trays, and all are movable to eight different mounting locations to set your desired inner layout. In terms of looks, the case is ideal for all youngsters. The thick and hinged tempered glass panels showcase your white build nicely while reducing that irritating “humming” noise.

Furthermore, it features reliable sound damping material on the side, at the front, and on the roof, making it a whisper quiet pc case. Cable management options are adequately designed and place while it has plenty of room for long and ugly power cables at the backside.

Overall, the case is well-designed with black and white coloring effects. Clean lines and smooth steel construction with heavy-duty tempered glass panels make your components visible to others in a pleasing manner.

Bottom Line:
CORSAIR’s 678C is a noiseless mid-tower enclosure that features excellent sound-damping panels and tempered glass side panels. Plus, its hinge and the magnetic closure of the panel, and a hinged front panel give it a sophisticated feel and a beautiful look. The look resembles Fractal Designs R6, but there are major differences. After considering all the differences, we can say that this is much better than the R6 when you consider the cost.

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  • Thick glass side panels
  • Conceptually designed case
  • Affordable than others


  • Don’t comes with drive bay covers

Best White Gaming PC Case: In Win 101-Mid Tower

In Win 101-Mid Tower

  • Dimensions: 18.9 x 17.5 x 8.7 inches
  • MotherBoard Support: ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 421mm
  • Max Cooler Height: 160mm.
  • Cooling Fans Support: Six fans 120mm.
  • Additional Features: GPU holder, USB 3.0, HD Audio
  • Radiator Options: up to 360mm

In Win 101 is a solid budget option if you don’t want to spend much on the pc case. The case features sufficient space to house even high-end and large computer hardware. The chassis features an open design which allows for a good airflow even for the ATX form factor.

Another thing that you will admire is its compact size. Despite its smaller size, it can still accommodate six cooling fans. The PSU chamber at the top also allows for cool air intake from below and keeps your hardware calm. Thus you can use this unit for demanding uses without overheating.

Furthermore, this small white pc casing also features a special GPU holder that offers additional support and prevents GPU from vibrations or sagging. The unit features two 2.5 inch HDD mounts, allowing you to customize it as per your own needs.

The unit also features a removable dust filter to keep your lavish hardware free of dust. On the front panel, there are two USB ports along with an HD Audio port. The front also features sleek bezel LED lights while the reset button remains virtually hidden.

Another thing we would like to mention here is the side panels. This is case perfectly showcases your glowing inner, thanks to the thick tempered glass side panels. The panels are removable and highly durable.

The case features excellent cable management options along with ties and well-designed cutouts to keep those ugly and hanging wires out of sight.

Lastly, this In Win white mid-tower pc case reflects an outstanding layout, and it is the best white pc casing that you can get at an affordable price. Highly Recommended!

Bottom Line:
Tempered glass, heavy-duty SECC steel, stylish looks, and plenty of room for your PC components; all these features can be found in this white gaming PC case by In Win. The 101-Mid Tower casing is the finest on the market. It also features custom loop options for high-end water coolers and radiators. The In Win 101 White computer chassis is easy on your wallet without conceding on quality and customization options.


  • Quick release glass covers
  • Scratch-resistant exterior
  • Easily accommodates large radiators and GPUs


  • Front LEDs are too bright

Best E-ATX PC CASE: Thermaltake tower 900 E-ATX

Thermaltake tower 900 E-ATX

  • Dimensions: 21.69 x 32.1 x 20.0 inches
  • Motherboard Support: Mini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX, E-ATX Motherboard
  • Max Graphic Card Length: 400mm
  • Max Cooler Height: 260mm
  • Cooling Fans Support: 13*120mm fans
  • Additional Features: USB 3.0 x 4, HD Audio x 1
  • Radiator Options: Dual 560mm DIY liquid cooling radiators or a 360mm AIO liquid cooler

The best thing about this white E-ATX computer case by Thermaltake supports an effortless vertical mounting design. Moreover, its 5mm thick tempered glass panels along with a customized liquid cooling system give the best of both worlds. I mean a completely unique design and flawless cooling.

Furthermore, there will be no ‘GPU SAG’ problems in this case because of its GPU’s multi-configuration and vertical mounting on an E-ATX platform.

The close frame chassis features an open view that serves well while protect and showcase all PC components in the case. You will get multiple customization options in this case, such as modular panels, racks, brackets, and well-designed mounting arrays. Overall, it’s a treat to build.

Besides, the case features 1+6+2 modular drives that allow you to fit one 5.25 inch and six 3.5 inch drives with an HDD cage. The removable racks offer plenty of flexibility and sufficient interior space. And it will not affect the cooling.

The cable management becomes a breeze and also improves overall ventilation. Plus, it also features tiny wire passages on the sides, top, and bottom to route LED cables easily and discreetly.

Lastly, its top-front panel features have four USB 3.0 ports with an HD microphone and audio jacks to grant smooth access. Overall, its support for motherboards, GPU cards, and radiators is mind-boggling.

Bottom Line:
Who doesn’t likes this unique E-ATX White Pc casing by Thermaltake? The bottom line is fairly simple and clear. The Tower 900 features a lovely design and unlimited options for water-cooling. Besides, it is the ideal case for fanatics who love to show off their builds to others. This premium white casing features excellent build quality, various combinations, and limitless creativity. Pro-tip for you: Get some casters for this white beast if you want to move it around.


  • Dust filters on all air vents
  • Advance cooling options
  • Spacious inner for easy cable management


  • Too heavy

WRAP UP: Best White PC Cases in 2021

Every PC case mentioned in this guide is capable of providing optimum performance. However, before picking any, you must consider the points mentioned above. Above all, it depends on your needs and usage.

However, if you still want our recommendations or want to know our opinion regarding the Best White PC Cases, here is our answer.
When it comes to the best among the best, we will recommend the following pc cases – Phanteks Eclipse P400 and the In Win A1 Plus as both these are suitable for all uses.

For silent and top-notch working, you can rely on Corsair Carbide 678C.
Lastly, if you are looking for an affordable white computer case, Lian Li PC-O11DW or DarkFlash Mini-ITX/Micro-ATX pc cases are your safest bet.

What color would fans look the best on a white case gaming?

For White Gaming pc cases, you have plenty of options for fan colors. Our recommendations are:

• To get the chic look, use chilly red fans for the radiator/cooler, and use blue for the rest of the case.
• Replace all the fans with red ones and put shiny black fans for the rest.
• You can also try red and blue LED fans with white gaming chassis.
• Use only blue LED fans with and white cases to get a glowing look.

What color goes best with a white pc?

It’s all about your taste and personal preferences. But some of the most common colors that blend well with the white computer builds are:

• Full white, don’t add any color.
• Black and white builds and PCs look amazing.
• The white case with blue accents looks striking.
• Hot red with white is also popular.

What should I use to clean my white pc case?

We all know internal cleaning is a must but don’t overlook the exterior of your PC. It also demands your attention and frequent cleaning. Here is what you will need to clean your beautiful white pc case.

You will need a paper towel dampened in a normal all-purpose cleaner. Then wipe it gently on the sides of the casing. Then wipe it off with clean and soft fabric. You can also use a dry paper towel for this purpose.

Never use any harsh cleaner or bleach on the case, as it can affect the whiteness of the case. Plus, never pour cleaner directly on your PC as the cleaner can seep inside and damage the parts.